Don’t Get Me Iritty…..

I can’t imagine how anyone could ever be in a bad mood around my husband Phillip. He has no idea how wildly weird and funny he is. And all you can do is sit back and watch him and laugh. Let me give you a little example of what I mean. We were talking about our favorite gelato last night. Talenti. Now, I’m not a paid spokesman, but if anyone from the Talenti company should read this, I’d be more than happy to become one, and yes, I will accept payment in the form of your gelato. That stuff is AMAZING. RICH! CREAMY! Sexy AND delicious. The bad news is we can rarely afford it. It is SO worth the money, but that kind of splurge we just can’t do often. However! Every once in a beautiful while it will go on sale. SALE! We’re talking buy-one-get-one beautiful. When that happens, we treat ourselves to a pint each. He’s fond of the mango. I adore the raspberry cheesecake. As love in the universe would have it, they went on sale yesterday. So, we’re sitting on the couch, and I have no need really to go to the Publix, I told Phillip that I had not planned on going to get the gelato until Saturday, his day off, so we could both pick our own flavors, but I might want to walk up there anyway, just to work on my agoraphobia. And then I added, “Walking up there also gives me a chance to pray the rosary.”

We started talking about something else, but in the middle of my sentence, he stopped me and said, “I’m sorry. I don’t want to sound ignorant, but what is that prayer anyway? I only know the first part. Harry’s mother who’s name is Grace. But, what does the prayer mean?”

I just stopped. Stared at him with my eagle eyed slant of confusion. “What?????”

“Its like a Buddhist thing, right? With the beads?”

“Well….yeah, sort of, but let’s get back to the prayer part. What did you say????”

“Harry’s mother who’s name is Grace….and then something and something about wombs….”

I could only shake my head, smile a bit, the sort of smile (ironically) a Buddhist would be pleased with.

He seemed confused himself. “What???”

“Sweetheart, the prayer starts, ‘Hail Mary, full of Grace.'”

His face fell as he asked, “What the hell???? Then who is Harry?”

“Beats the shit out of me, pal. Have you really thought it said that this whole time?”

He shuffled in his seat, straightened his back, gave that chided look and said, “Well, so I had it wrong. Don’t get iritty with me….”


“Yeah, like when you get irritated with someone you get all iritty….”

Laughing, I put it all to rest. “I give up….”

God, I love that man. Just smiled and remembered why in the world it is I love him. He’s a 12 year old trapped in a 45 year old man’s body, has a heart bigger than his waist size, and says some of the most marvelous things in the world sometimes. You just can’t be in a bad mood around him. He would never hurt a soul, always puts others before himself.

It was a fun story, just thought I’d share. And yes, I DID get his permission first. 🙂

Now, we have a few more bears in the shop that HAVE to go right away. I think there is one of the crayon bears left and two of the Stripe bears. And that will be the end of that baby yarn I was playing with for the last few months. I’ve marked them way down to get them out, and get them homes. And if they don’t sell soon, I just might get a little iritty. Click here to check out the shop! Peace everyone!!!

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Waiting for the Sun

I’ve written often about how much I love waiting for the sun to rise in the morning. The dawn slowly conquers dark, and revealed is the brilliant truth of tabula rasa, the clean slate, a new day eager to be achieved, embraced, or rested in. So, here I sit, just shy six, writing silently in the early grey of the coming day.

I’ve been spending my mornings a lot like this these days. Its easy for us to wake, make coffee, then proceed to see how the world managed without us during our brief hours of sleep. I’ve been guilty of that myself for years, until recently: scroll through the headlines, pop onto facebook. But, I found I couldn’t do that anymore. All that aggression stabs you so fast and you find yourself bleeding with it for the rest of the day. There is some distortion that happens to the head when the first things you read when you rise from bed is hatred and vitriol. It suffocates you from the crisp, airy morning dew, and blinds you from the shining light of a new, clear, and untainted day. So now I wake, make the coffee and knit in silence, write in the early quiet. My mind is fresher, my heart is open, my soul thanks me for not bombarding it with turmoil.

These are the bears I worked on this past week, each similar, but different in their reflection of a mood that suits me better these days. They’re a reflection of some contemplative movement in the craft of knitting, each of them created from silent, introspective repose; each of them ready for a new home, ready to find new stories of their own, ready to be reminders of what the hands of man can accomplish when they turn to set free creativity, rather than embrace hostility. If you’d like to adopt one, click here. I’m hoping to find them new homes very soon.

Soaring steadily past the trees, the beaming rays allow me a reprieve of all things that may pain me. Life is better now, my soul feels better now. I don’t crave the debates, I’m no longer addicted to combative language. I yearn only for the truth that each day can be pain free by choice.

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“Light a Candle for Me….”

So, I got an email from someone the other day saying that she was so sorry she had not been in touch, but had not forgotten about us, and then explained why she had been so silent. She said she had been experiencing a tidal wave of personal and physical dilemmas, many of which were just beating her down badly, especially the health concerns. I wrote her back and asked what Phillip and I could do for her, because we had noticed she had dropped off the radar. She wrote back quite simply, “Light a candle for me.”

Well, of course we would! So, this morning (which is the middle of the night for many people-you can take the man out of the monastery, but not the other way around), I woke, made my coffee, set myself before our little altar area….and before I lit the candle, I thought about it.

One candle can do so much in terms of prayers for a single soul, can you imagine what it could do for many? I lit the candle thinking about our friend, but took it one step further and hoped, prayed, asked of the Light that all of you, every single one of you that may read the words I write and share our lives through these electric screens, that you would be comforted, too. Anyone of you that may feel hurt, sad, lonely, in pain, unwanted or scared, we lit this candle for you this morning because we wanted you to know we are always thinking about you. We wanted you and the Universe to know how much we appreciate you, care for you, and love you for giving us this blessed life we have together. Not just Phillip and I, but all of us rounded together by the clicketing of knitting needles.

I decided to make this part of my morning routine. I usually light my candle in the morning for someone. The other day it was for the Thai boys in the cave and their safe return. But, now there will be two candles burning throughout the day. One for a special prayer for someone specific, or a hopeful prayer for something I need to learn and work on. But, the second candle will always be lit for you.

After I finished lighting my candles this morning, I finished up my lion I had wanted to do in pink. Yes, I know lions are accustomed to being dressed in orange, but they weren’t too shy about being donned in “seaspray” or “pink blush.” So, here is my little pink lionhearted darling. Again, I think I just might do an entire series of my stuffed animals in this color, along with the seaspray, for that delicious chocolate looks so good as a complimentary color. if you’d like to adopt this little lion, click here.

I also still have this bear and blanket set. I’m looking forward to him (or her!) finding a new home so that I can get to work on a blue version for the fellas, or a maybe a neutral color of some kind. I have so much fun working on these sets because of the break between the knitting to play with crochet. So, if you’d like to adopt this bear and blanket set, click here.

That’s about it for now. Going to go spend a short while in knitting silence. We love you. Never forget that. And should you feel displaced in a world or life that damns you with the feeling of loneliness, remember that at least two souls in this cold world are with you.

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Perched at the Edge of a Wee One’s Crib or Bed

SO! We finally made our way to Smokey Bones for Phillip’s Birthday ribs, courtesy of Phillip’s step mother. (hey!) Yes, I braved my agoraphobia to sit and have lunch with my husband on his belated birthday lunch and there is SO much about that small outing that I can’t wait to tell you all about it in a separate post. (Hint: I shook hands with the Governor. That’s all I’ll say for now).

But, for now, I am so proud, SO PROUD, of this little baby blanket and bear set I whipped up. I say little, but to be truthful, that bear ended up much larger than many many many of my other ones. He’s almost 17 inches tall, but I designed him and sewed him up so that he can sit, perch himself (or herself, your call), on the edge of a wee one’s crib or bed. And the blanket! Poofy and squishy, huge and fluffy. A good two feet long, so its a really nice size.

See, Joann’s is in the same plaza as Smokey Bones. So, once I was done hobnobbing with the Gov (fun story, really), I popped over there because I’ve been wanting to play with some new yarn. Found some, fell in love, and spent all of Saturday night working this set up. If this one finds a home fast enough, I will definately be doing more, because I really enjoy breaking up the knitting with the crocheted blankets. What a better way to spend Movie Day than to whip through some crochet work. And, of course, I’ll take a turn at a blue version so I don’t leave the little guys out.

So, if you’d like to adopt this adorable little set, click here. I know this time of year babies are being born all over the place and it sure would make a delightful addition to any baby shower.

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Lessons from the Death of a Rosary

There I was doing laundry. Clothes were being piled in, detergent tossed in, slam went the lid and bam! We’re off to the races. A few minutes later I heard this grating, irritating noise coming from the machine. Belching from the bellows of the slosh and swirl of the whirling water was this grinding racket that sent me into a tizzy. My head went quickly to thoughts of dangerous things in pockets. I clenched my teeth and whispered to myself in an aggravated tone, “PHILLIP!” He’s famous for it, you know. He’s always leaving the truck keys, his switchblade, anything big and dangerously bulky and metallic in his pants for me to wash. All I could do was wait for the cycle to end so that I could pull out the culprit, lay it at his feet in contempt, and wave my finger at him, all the while hoping the washing machine hadn’t been ruined.

Now, you’ve read to the title of this post, there is no mystery. You know what I found when I was finally able to open the lid. My rosary. It had been torn to shreds, broken into multiple pieces, some found, some probably washed out to sewage. Suddenly my mind hearkened back to the day before. I had decided to walk up to Publix by myself. I had the rosary in my hand for some sense of safety, working on my agoraphobia, taking small steps towards larger progress. Once I got into the store I had put the rosary in my pocket….and must have forgotten about it completely.

Now, the rosary isn’t the issue. A rosary is an intimate thing, surely, but you can readily find one if you know where to look. However, it was the very notion that I had just so quickly jumped into judgments about my beloved. That bothered me. Here I was cursing him up and down for something I thought he had done, when in fact, it had been me the whole time. I had sat there seething in anger waiting for the laundry to finish, festering in the pestering blight of judgement. I loved him more than anything one minute, slammed him in my thoughts as thoughtless and reckless the next.

Without knowing ANYTHING, I had rushed to judgement and had sacrificed my husband in order to embrace anger.

I went and lit a candle. Why had I been so quick to blame? Why was it so easy for me to assume? Obviously, faults and flaws abound in all of us. If we’re lucky, we get confronted with them so we can challenge them, work on them, chip them away. If we’re blessed, we get the chance to make amendments to our souls by declaration of character. I’m an asshole sometimes. There, I said it. Now I need to work on that. Greater is the man who demands more of himself than of others.

When Phillip woke, I told him what happened, confessing that I thought he had been the culprit. But, do you know what he said? “Oh, I wouldn’t worry about it. I get it. Its not like I haven’t left my stuff in my pockets a thousand times. Of course you would have thought it was me. Forget about it.” Which is why he is an amazing man and I can be a prick sometimes. I gave him the biggest kiss on the cheek and thanked him.

But, we learn, don’t we? Everyday we learn more and more about what frustrates us about ourselves, what corrections we need to make to the emotions in order to free our own souls from the bondage of negativity.

I have a new rosary now. This time I picked a wooden, double stranded number. I like the feel of it in my hands, as slowly the rosary is getting accustomed to me.

On the knitting front, I’ve moved on to new colors, but gone back to the old standard of Lionbrand’s Wool Ease. It really is the best yarn for my knit animals. And I didn’t want to do traditional colors just yet, like the lion for instance. I was loving the “seaspray” with the “chocolate.” However, when it came to the bunny, I had so much of that delightful “mushroom” left over, I put it to good use. I’m really happy with the way the lion came out, and may do a whole set of bears, lions, tigers, elephants and bunnies all in that same color scheme.

If you’d like to adopt the lion, click here. That wonderful little rabbit has a bushy little tail made with the same “chocolate,” although I neglected to take a picture of it. So, if you’d like the bunny, click here. They both sure could use some caring, comforting homes really soon.

Learn something new about yourself that could use a challenging correction. Light a candle, close your eyes and just think about what harshness you harbor that keeps you one loving heartbeat away from bliss.

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Phillip’s Birthday (Part II)

Well! I thought the best way to prank and shock my husband on his birthday would be to take a quick, candid shot of him in his birthday suit in the shower. Imagine my surprise that his reaction wasn’t, “OH MY GOD! WHAT ARE YOU DOING????” but rather, “Hey, everybody!” So today is Phillip’s official birthday. We started celebrating yesterday because it was his day off, but, as most persons do, despite what personal holiday it may be, we crashed, went splat on the couch and never got back up. Ok, so we planned to go to Smokey Bones….that shall be postponed 🙂 After a nice lunch of ribs for him, we were going to come back, set up a plate of awesome toasted baguette and melted cheeses, play a round of cribbage or two, maybe hit the little arcade around the corner, then come back for movie day. We slept instead! How funny!

We did manage to set up the cheese and bread (which was REALLY delicious and kicked birthday butt), and watched two of our movies in que for movie day. You see, every week we have a theme. This week was “Movies Based on the Lives of Musicians.” We finished “Sweet Dreams” about Patsy Cline, and “Backbeat” about Stu Sutcliffe, the fifth Beatle. Then it was a birthday cupcake for Philllip, a bowl of ice cream and back to bed. (He had to get up early this morning to go to work). But, now that TODAY is his actual birthday, and he’ll be home rather early (4:30) we have PLENTY of time to round out a nice birthday weekend for him and finish up all of the loveliness we started yesterday. He deserves it, really deserves it. And! I can’t wait to give him his present.


Now, on the knitting front: these poor bears got harder and harder to sell and so I decided to discontinue them. I had a lot of fun playing with this line of baby yarn, but I’m ready to find a new series of yarn to play with, maybe make different animals. But, all of these guys need to find a home first. So, these are the last of these bears in this series. And they REALLY REALLY REALLY need homes soon. So, help us celebrate Phillip’s birthday by snagging a bear from the shop. You can click here to adopt one, or click on any of the pictures to the left to take you directly to that little darling dude.


Next post? We’ll tell you how Phillip’s birthday finished up, what I got him for his birthday, and what fun things life has in store for July. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!!!!

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Perry, Unofficial Mascot for Fancy French Water

Well, hello! Hey hey! Phillip just finished another one of his Strange Friends. I can’t tell you how happy I am that he has gotten back to making these. They really do make him happy. The funny thing about them is that they speak to you in the weirdest and wildest terms. But, I guess that’s what Strange Friends do. Like this guy, for instance. When I saw him he popped right out and said, “I’m Perry! Unofficial mascot for fancy french water.” And I asked, “You mean Perr-”

He exclaimed quickly, “Don’t say it!”

“Why not?”

“You know, LICENSING and stuff.”

“Oh, I see. Well, why fancy french water?”

“I just love the stuff. All bubbly and packaged in green.”

“I guess kinda like you, huh?”

He thought for a moment, then a light bulb seemed to pop up over his head. “Well, yeah!”

And that’s the kind of things Strange Friends seem to say. So, if you’d like to adopt him, click here. There’s only one Perry.

I still have this little guy in need of a home, if Perry isn’t quite your style. He really needs a huge hug. Click here if you’d like to give him a loving squeeze.

Phillip’s birthday is coming up this week and I can’t wait to tell you how everything went. So, stay tuned!

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