So, if none of you are aware, my situation on Oak Hill Farm is in very serious trouble. You do realize that I came here because I truly had no where left to go. The life of an unemployed author is not a glamorous one. So, I’m here, with my cat Mario, 20 miles from nothing, with no automobile to get to that 20 miles should I need to. I wait for my family to make arrangements to travel 1.5 hours to come and take me to the supermarket where I have to be certain I have enough provisions to last until the next trip they may make down. I’m struggling now to hold onto Oak Hill Farm, struggling to keep food, to keep my head up. Mario and I will be out of food in about 3 days and I’m not sure what will happen to us after that. Here’s my plea. I’m going to put a “Donate” button from PayPal on this post. Any amount will help to keep me here. Expenses run about $300.00 a month for me to stay while I figure out what to do next, how to push my books, how to get this farm up and running and making money on its own, how to finally be on my own feet. To those who do know me well, know that you’ll be helping me to achieve any hope for success. And those of you who don’t know me, I will be forever grateful for your angelic help. Any money donated will go towards food, electric, telephone, and property taxes.

Thank you!



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