Starting To Feel Hopeful

I want to thank all of you for the kind words, encouragement, donations of any size, and especially, for the love. These have been some incredibely stressful times, and although I’ve had my fair share of difficulties in the past, this particular time seemed to truly beat me down. But, I’m starting to feel better. The sadness is lifting, and thanks to Ann, inspiration has been delivered. I’m going to continue to leave the donation button up, because I haven’t made my goal of $300 for the months expenses, but I am getting close.

Now for some good news! Been finishing up another bear, a larger one in classic fisherman’s wool. I like doing the bears and other toys because of the personalities that seem to slowly come forth when you begin to add the features. I’m calling this one Phillip. Once he’s done I’ll put him up for sale in my shop.

And other news on the publishing front. Finally, FINALLY, “MAD MAN KNITTING -or- The Waiter and the Fly” is now available on the Kindle. I’ve been working on the Kindle version forever, and as of this morning it went live on amazon.

Thanks again for the encouragement, hope and love. I promise each of you that when things get much better for me, I plan to pay the generosity forward.


One comment

  1. Maybe use your talents to offer some kind of workshop at the farm? Writers weekend for noobs. Knitting retreat? maybe use that stash to do charity knitting with your “retreaters” Artists weekend.. advertise as a roughing it weekend to get serious wit your art……seems like your talented and might pull something like that off….

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