The Messenger Bag

About 3 years ago I made a felted messenger bag for my friend Wes, who was down for a visit these last few days. Knowing of my situation, he brought about 12 pounds of rice and another 12 pounds of various beans (black, red, lima). So, I shall not be going hungry. I noticed that he had the messenger bag I made him so long ago and he piped up quickly, “I can’t go anywhere in Atlanta without someone asking me where I got it.” So, BOOM! My heavy head worked itself quickly into a way to make this whole life in solitude work. I took photographs of the bag and decided if anyone wanted one, I’d make one for them. The bag wouldn’t be made unless it was asked for. So, I’m tossing it up into my shop for anyone to see, lust for, pay for me to make. In the meantime, Phillip’s Teddy is still under construction, coming along nicely and pics should be up by tomorrow sometime. Incidentally, I’m anxious to get on blogging about this whole life of mine in the woods, having nothing but a crock-pot and a microwave to feed me with. Dude, trust me when I tell you I have figured out how to make not only cornbread in the microwave (DELICIOUS!), but an entire breakfast of eggs, bacon, and grits ( in less than 10 minutes). YUM. I’m hoping to attempt cooking white bread in the crock-pot tomorrow.



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