National Selfishness

In the aftermath of Japan’s unfortunate disaster(s), one can only learn a simple, if not humbling idea of virtue. There are hundreds of people lined quietly on streets waiting for food. 2,000 cars patiently waiting gas from a station that only has enough to supply 500 more. People holding hands in sympathy, people in reflection as they turn away from demolished homes and businesses. You do not see looting, you do not see the devastation turning citizens into opportunists. You see a nation of humans who have an homage to honor and tradition, each of their own a single cell in the fabric of their country’s single hold on humility and truth….

You don’t see people flocking in front of a camera screaming how the government has done them wrong. You don’t see people stealing wallets from the dead. You don’t see people demanding with hands outstretched what they feel they’re entitled to.

You see  in Japan a nation where all, even if unaffected, know with some certainty that the grimness that has captured them is felt by everyone…. And to perpetuate and make use of it for selfish gain, would be to dishonor yourself in a very disgusting way.

In light of this I cannot help but think we are not a nation, but a group of people selfishly demanding chunks of the same plot of dirt….And why? Because we feel we’re entitled to it, and no other reason needed.



One comment

  1. I completely agree; very worth recognizing, hailing and watching well. I also think in keeping with this demeanor is the thought that nature is powerful and should be respected; granted there are people I have heard interviewed –a Japanese mayor–that have gone so far as to say that it was because of the Japanese greed that nature reclaimed some territory. I am not sure that this a very productive or useful thought, certainly not sympathetic. Regardless, thank you for speaking about such a gracious and moving manner.

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