I Adore Peter…hee.

The more I follow Pete Burn’s career, the more I’m impressed with the idea of turning the human form into canvas. Do I have the guts to do so? Of course not. But, if you model the idea of reinvention to a truth in REALNESS, then you’d find a beauty in Pete Burns whose sound, vision, performance, and even physical form change with his need for evolution. We don’t refer to changing a hair cut here, we refer to the absolute truth behind striving to be new piece of art: going under the knife to change his lips, his cheeks, his eyes. No part of him (physically nor creatively) goes without slicing to perfect a new form of being. I adore him. I think he’s courageous and brilliant. And if a slick ass man in south Georgia wearing a ballcap can admit to it, then there is hope for anyone different wanting to move forth into their own desire for perfection. So Pete, should you be reading, carry on, do well, and inspire the skittles and kittens to be something more than show. Remind them of substance.


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