Chrysalis Interruptis

After four years of promoting “STORIES INSPIRED BY SIOUXSIE,” Chrysalis Music decided that my trailer for the book (using Siouxsie’s “Tattoo”) was a copyright infringement. How odd, considering a label and publisher that touts itself as a purveyor of independent artist would take so long to come to this conclusion. I think some dastardly lawyer, with nothing more to do, decided upon recognizing some viable financial windfall for himself and the company should the “sound” for my trailer be pulled (….after 4 years)! It’s an unfortunate move considering we all had something to gain. A book about someone in their prior repertoire may have inspired others to buy the same tracks from said artist in Chrysalis’ back catalog. Hmmm. 4 years? Are you kidding me? 4 years???? Needless to say the book is undergoing no direct damage, nor is it giving me any hardship. Sad to say, though, thanks to Chrysalis “STORIES INSPIRED BY SIOUXSIE” will no longer be promoted with anything remotely resembling Siouxsie…and I’ll be damned if I buy anything from their current repertoire.  I am bored with young men in suits.

The signs once screamed, “SIGN THE BANSHEES!”

Now I recall what she said once about her record company at the time. “I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire.”


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