Don’t Ever Look Back…

Mario the cat and I have 29 days to move forward into a new life. We have no choice in the matter. I’m not sure where we will go, nor how we’ll go about it. But, this much is for certain. We can’t afford to look back, to think of how we’ve been rummaged roughly by life. We have to cling to better dreams, better ideals. We’re jumping into a tumultuous unknown, but beyond that we’ll have to look forward constantly, forget about losing everything, and remember that often you lose everything in order to gain everything important. I cling to this little cat like she’s my only friend in the world, and often that’s how it feels. I remind her often as she sits on my lap that I’ll make sure we’ll be ok.

And when it comes down to it, do I even have a choice? I can fall through the cracks or survive.

I opt for survival. And in order for she and I to survive one more day, one more month, one more cycle of the burning, rising phoenix I have to remind myself of one vitally important truth:

….we can never, EVER look back.



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