Better Days…

So, it was a rough couple of months well out in the woods, but thankfully, its over. I’ve been back in Orlando for a week now, loving the rush, the push, the swarms of people, the roughness of it, but the greatness of my old neighborhood, which I was able to find a small apartment in. I live now near the edge of Little Saigon and the Milk District, an old stomping ground only 2 blocks from the home George and I lived in for 7 years. I walk around often still, but now out of wonder, not out of necessity. I probably still walk six miles a day, but now it’s with the clamoring of people on bikes, of events in the park, of people walking their dogs on leashes. I can’t tell you how much better I feel. How enthusiastic I am, how so involved I want to be in everything around me that I’m even considering contacting all the little gay groups around town to see what I can do to volunteer my time.

I still haven’t found work, but I’m still pushing my knitted things on Etsy. My teddy bears are adored, and to those little bears I owe my life. Mario cuddles up with me often as I knit. She’s happy, too. She feeds off my energy. If I’m depressed, you rarely see her. If I’m feeling joyous and grand, you can be assured she’s right by my side.

I’m working on a second installment of “MAD MAN KNITTING,” with the working title being “-or-Will Knit For Food” about my time out in the woods, about what I learned through isolation and depression, and what self sufficiency skills I had to adopt if I was going to feed myself, or even better yet, get out of that situation. Look for it in early summer of this year.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank a few people who beyond a doubt helped me to discover something about humanity that I never really considered: that friends come in all shapes and sizes, and that new ones rest behind every new corner you turn. Kevin Kling, you adorable thing, has never met me, but upon one investigation into my story was compelled to do what he could to help. The anonymous woman in Australian, who wished for no thanks, no gift in return, just a promise of paying forward, who rushed to my aid via an email. My mother, to whom on this approaching Mother’s Day I could never thank enough, for sacrificing, striving, and smiling often, traveling often to see me when loneliness got the best of me. To Lily in Canada, whose support of my craft proves that the bounderies decided by our states do not hold back friendships. And especially heartfelt thanks to Julie Anne, whose heart and concern for my depression she took upon as a soldier of information, guiding me, supporting me, and proving to me that the slightest gesture, the listening ear, could do valuable things. To her I owe so much. I truly do.

Thank you all for following my blog, for reading about the trials I’ve been through and for your support in my finally being able to maturely say good-bye to Oak Hill. I thank you for your prayers.

And now? The next chapter begins….I can’t wait!



  1. Well done you! Keep pushing forward, and let’s see some more of those bears!
    You have a fan in the UK who needs a cuddly friend. 🙂

  2. I can’t wait til you have more bears for sale. I’m not sure how much you sold them for since they were all gone when I stumbled upon your shop, but I think they’re wonderful and think they’d make great baby shower presents for a few friends of mine (and my own children!).

    I’ve also begun to coupon for the greater good (and my husband is getting sick of me stocking up on more cat food than my beasties can eat in a month) so if Ms. Mario ever gets too hungry, let me know. :]

  3. Or if you’re in need of various toiletries (toothpaste, body wash, bandages, etc.), I could have a package ready to mail in a day. While we were never living as threadbare as you have, I remember not eating for a day or two so my children could. Now that we’re on our feet, I’d love to help out. I’ll never forget the help that we recieved and I have to do the same for others.

    1. Kate, Kate, Kate…THANK YOU so much for your offer. Mario and I are being blessed right now with an overwhelming generosity. I do so thank you. I truly do. The little bugger is rushing about now with her favorite toy, a Q-tip (they are so funny), and life is getting better. Thank you again. I’m getting very close to not only being on my own solid feet again, but better yet, getting closer to being able to pay it forward, which means more to me than anything you can imagine.
      My best,

      1. LOL, my cat Jack (Sparrow, Captain) LOVES Q-tips. He once kept bringing them to me all night and I just figured he had found an old stash of his — nope, he completely emptied my friends overnight toilitry bag of an entire box of Q-tips.

        Also, Mario is an awesome name.

  4. Gregory- Words cannot express how happy I am to hear that things are getting better for you and Mario! On an even more empowering note this just arrived in my twitter stream as I a writing this: “Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.” Damn if this is not the moral of YOUR story, as learned by me!!
    Namaste, my brother.
    Thank you and I look forward to learning more from you!

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