Did You Know???

I am spending the evening in one of those overwhelmed moments where emotions take you down and remind you of the beauty in humanity.

I’ve been silent for a few days because I was just….well, to be honest, stunned by the generosity by people who don’t know me but want to make sure that this cat of mine and I will be fine.

6 months ago the world took me to the mat, beat me down and won…and now, now I have an army of people I’ve never met wanting to make absolutely sure that I survive. I’ve wept on occasion over the last few days, not out of sadness, but out of joy. I’m knitting my fingers to the bone, wide smile and cat in the lap to boot. We are fed, our hearts are full, and we can’t thank any of you enough for what you’ve done for us.

Susan and April….You’re my guardian angels. (Gonna get emotional again).

As is customery when feeling like a dance is needed, I was listening to Stevie Wonder (crock pot simmering, Mario chasing moths around our dark little garage dwelling) when “AS” came one. I only needed to hear the one line: “Did you know you’re loved by somebody?”

How can a man be thankful enough, be reminded enough, that people from across the globe have taken to his story, his cat, his teddy bears. Mario thanks you all….as she mows down on a bit of treats I got for her thanks to you.

I love you all. I hope we meet the day I get to pay it forward. And soon,  I promise you, that little cat and I are going to pay it forward.

Gregory and Mario



  1. Gregory,

    I just read about you on Regretsy and went to check your shop.

    Do you knit lace? If so, please contact me on Ravelry (I see the link on the side bar and am assuming you’re a member).

    You have my permission to sell any item knit from my patterns.

    mawelucky on Ravelry

    1. You know, I’ve never considered knitting lace, but I have thought about learning tatting. Can you imagine? Me? This ruffian, beat up thing producing lace….I think we’re onto something. I thank you so much for the offer to knit your patterns. They are terribley beautiful. They really are. I just may take you up on your offer….

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