Gum Disease…an update.

So, I’ve made the appointment with the periodontist that was refered to me by the dentist. I tried to postpone it, however, the periodontist told me that the case was so bad that once the antibiotics wear off, my face and jaw will swell with an abssess again almost immediately. I’m being squeezed into an early morning appointment tomarrow AM (Tuesday) at the urging that this cannot be delayed. Dammit. I REALLY wanted to postpone it until I raised the money.

I need to sell three custom bears by 8:45 tomarrow morning to pay for the exam. I’m picking up a copy of my x-rays from the other dentist to save a good couple of bucks. God, my mouth is murderously chewing up my income…..As beautifully poetic as that sounded, it wasn’t intended to be any kind of pun. My friend Kara is driving me up there so I won’t have to take the bus. The periodontist is in Winter Park. Of course he would be. Everything that is expensive is in Winter Park.

Tell your friends, tell your grandma, tell your expectant mommies having baby showers. Bears are cute. Bears are cuddly.

Bears are for life.


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