Smile!….While you still can.

So, here’s the update on the unfortunate gum disease: the progression of the nastiness has swarmed through my mouth. The doctor said there was no going back. Nothing he could do. My teeth, all 30ish of them, are being removed on Thursday. Here’s the pissy part: there isn’t a thing wrong with my teeth. No cavities, no issues. My gums are holding them in place. They’re no longer attached to my jaw bones. I’ll be fitted with dentures, I’ll be out of social commission for about 4 months. Won’t be seen in public until all the swelling drops down from the multiple (yes, you heard me) multiple surgeries. Should I smile right now, you’d never think a thing was wrong. My gums look fine. But, had it not been for the massive swelling that erupted last week, no one would have been the wiser.

I’m gonna work this smile for the next week. Photograph it. Shine it. Shove it in people’s faces.

I’m pissy. I’m angry. I’m aggrevated….but, pursuing, in the weird way that I tend to do things, an acupunctural option. Meeting with him on Monday to see if I can do this without surgery, keep my teeth and my winning smile, and hold on to some hope that one or two little needles will save me from a blade in my mouth.

There is laser surgery the doctor would like to try….for the grand total of $1,000. Pfff! Ha-rumph. Out of the question. SO! Plan B? Acupunture. See if that works. And if it doesn’t? I’m out of options and its Plan Z: full oral extraction and dentures.

Cute isn’t forever, now is it?



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