Say, “Hello” to 200 Million

Received notification  that a book of short stories I published in 2007 went live on iTunes today. “STORIES INSPIRED BY SIOUXSIE.”  I’m terribly happy, greatly pleased, and finally allowed an audience I would have yet to capture 4 years ago.

Now, the original trailer was dumped by Youtube under my name a few months ago. You’ll remember the post I wrote about the record company claiming YEARS after the book’s release and the trailer being viral that it was an infringement, that using Siouxsie’s voice was a copyright issue. (Read it again. I was pissed that day). However, upon some snooping around the internet I found a copy of the trailer to promote the book way back when. SO! Here it is, the orginal trailer for “STORIES INSPIRED BY SIOUXSIE,” a book of short stories inspired by the lyrics of perhaps my most favorite band, Siouxsie and The Banshees. (and yes, the illustrated version-drawings by yours truly-is still in print).



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