Thank you everyone for the concern over Mario and I. You have no idea how much I’ve been blanketing myself lately with thoughts of all of you sending your best wishes. I roam a lot, carrying my prayer beads, hoping to manifest something quickly. We are supposed to leave tomarrow. I’m hoping to get to stay until at least after the holiday, but I’m not sure if that’s likely. We’ll see. I might have to go to a weekly hotel and just hide Mario in a shopping bag and hope no one notices her. Its a crap hole, but its all I can afford just yet, dreary part of town. I’ll put it this way. Will make sure I’m safely in their before it gets dark and won’t open the door for any reason after the sun goes down.

Writing quickly because I don’t have much time, so forgive if this isn’t one of my more eloquent blogs. But upon looking at your tweets and emails I knew I had to let you know that Mario and I scared shitless, praying for better things.

Working on bears as fast as I can, but won’t be able to list any on Etsy until I get ahead. Difficult to wrap myself up in the yarn with so much worry, but I’m pushing through. Hoping Paton’s Yarn funds the rest of my project. Hoping the world finds mercy with me. Hoping for a home.

If I could manifest all of you right now here with me, I would. I could use your friendly company.




    1. Thank you Gregory for sharing your struggle…and thank you for Handustry for your words of wisdom.
      I’m a stranger from NY – sent your way by Love Bomb… but I’m finding comfort in your words and companionship in your struggle.
      I wish I could help.


  1. Be careful out there, make good choices and never give up hope! There is a better future out there then the one you can see, and it’ll get better. It has to.

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