A Life in Trash Bags

Its early, about 7am EST. I haven’t been to bed yet. Couldn’t sleep. Grabbed some trash bags to throw my clothes and such in. Its kinda funny. I have more yarn than I have clothes. So I’m looking at two huge trash bags filled with clothes and yarn. I have everything I left the woods with. Which is only slightly more than what I went to the woods with. (Upon arrival at Oak Hill I had the clothes, Mario, my laptop, and my french press….upon leaving I swiped my deceased grandmother’s crockpot, sewing box and vintage book of doily patterns).

Somewhere areound 9am I’m going to contact a listing I saw on craigslist for a weekly apartment, no kitchen (that’s fine, I have the crockpot) but across from publix and the post office, which in my opinion are the two most important points of interest right now. Some place to buy food, and another to mail my teddy bears.

I’m hoping that the woman who owns the apartment will have some pity on me. She wants $140 a week, plus deposit. Can’t swing the deposit, but I’m hoping she’ll understand that times are tough all around.

I’m still trying to be optimistic, still keeping my head up and proclaiming to myself, “This is ONLY a set-back. This is NOT my life.”

Hoping to be settled into something that has a shower by dinner time, and hoping to sit down this evening with my little cat and finally feel some sense of safety.

One can only pray.




  1. $140 a week? That’s insane. I need a roommate in AL, $400 a month and maybe a bear for the deposit 😉 I have 2 of my own furry beasts though, so Mario would have buddies.

    Bedroom, Bathroom, I have a kitchen… Also strangely near a Publix.

  2. I’m in AL too:) Reading your first book. Would love to see the second one get published. I pledged to Kickstarter as much as I could-unfortunately not much:(

  3. Hi Gregory – I was directed to your blog by LoveBomb and am so glad I was…you are a talented knitter and your teddy bears are adorable!!Keep following your knitting trail and I wish you all the best in art and dreams. Take care! Deanna (Saskatoon, SK, Canada)

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