Quick blog, not a lot of internet time. Scattered things to say quickly.

So, I had a request for a custom bear. St. James asked if I’d do one, if I may paraphrase, “I don’t care what color, just as long as it has a pink mohawk.”

The bear was worked up fast, for I couldn’t wait to do something wild like a mohawk. I chose a charcoal gray much like the one used for Sheryl’s bear (“Darktapestry.com”).

It was Kara’s idea and Kara’s to do the anarchy symbol on the bum.

Popped on to check email. Saw a smiling face clutching the bear I had made. Little Livia’s adorable presence brought me to tears. THIS photo says it all. THIS is why I knit teddy bears…..for a smile like this:



  1. Your bears certainly appear to have personality- would expect nothing less from what I know of you! Enjoying your blogs. Hopefully there will be some more bears ready son- I am going back to visit family in Wales in September and will be seeing my new great nephew and ‘me thinks’ he would love one. Will check back soon. Sending prayers

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