The first thing that I have to mention is Irene. I truly do hope all of my friends in the North East are doing well. I know many of you aren’t familiar with hurricanes knocking on your door like we are in the south. The best advice I can give? Do what the authorities tell you. Don’t take storms like this lightly. They may not be deadly, but they can be costly, a nuisance, and all around reminder that on this HUGE planet, we are but spectors to Mother Nature’s show.

Secondly, the Bear-A-Thon started off great, was working itself well….and then my hand went tingly, my back got cranked from all those hours knitting and sleeping on the floor. I had to put the needles down for a minute, for a few days, actually, and got into this REALLY bad funk. I got lonely. I got scared, I got worried.

But, as of last night, I was able to pick up the needles and again and get back at it. I’ve been working on a few custom orders lately, and in the interim working up new designs, thanks to Trasi’s advice. I just finished up one called, “A Lonely Bear,” last night, which totally helped take me out of my funk.

I was able to get 10 bears sold during the first part of the Bear-A-Thon, and I’m pushing for another 30 bears in 15 days. Like I promised, for every 10 I sell, I donate one. So, here’s where I ask YOU to tell me of an individual, group, or charity that could use one, for any reason whatsoever. Leave a comment, I’ll go through them in the next couple of days and figure out where to send the little bear. The world has been good to me, and until the day I’m a wealthy philanthropist, if all I have to offer someone hope is a teddy bear, then at least its a start on my quest to one day help people. šŸ™‚

So, its time to get back to the Bear-A-Thon, raise funds for a long term home for Mario and I, food for a month, and the foundation for all the grand things I hope to achieve someday.

Let’s GO!!!!




  1. ‘it’s a start on my quest…..’ you are already helping people and don’t forget that. Maybe not quite as you want but HELP none the less. Glad you’re out of your funk.

  2. Dear Greg,

    Hello again from one of your Love Bombers. Followed your link to Lonely Bear before reading the rest of this post. Thought how much my sis would appreciate him and then saw that he had been sold already. šŸ˜¦ Then thought I would ask you to knit one for her that I could purchase.

    Y’see, Denise (my sis) has been diabetic since the age of 11 and she is now just over 40 (she would not like me to tell you exactly how old, I am sure!). Life has not been kind to Den, and she has recently started to reap the consequences of 30 years of diabetes – her eyesight is failing, her feet are losing sensation, and her kidneys are packing in. To add insult to injury, she has had an undiagnosed sickness and diahorrea illness for the past few years that has meant she is in and out of hospital. She has not been home to her little flat for over two months now, as she has been either in hospital or with my parents who are themselves both pensioners.

    I thought of Lonely Bear because she has always loved teddy bears and is, to all intents and purposes, very lonely at present. I live some distance away and cannot see my family as often as possible and Den has no-one in her life apart from Mum and Dad and a couple of good friends. I know this is more than some people have, but precious little in the face of such sickness.

    So, could I possibly commission a little bear from you? My e-mail is attached to this message, so please get in touch when you are able. I do not expect any form of rapid response and certainly not a rapidly knitted bear, but it would be great if you could fit this in to your knitting schedule.

    Thank you very much and God bless you and your kitty.


    (I hesitate to ask you for a donated bear for Den, but if you would like her to be recipient of one of your charity bears, then please feel free. Please also know that I would be only too happy to purchase one. I leave this decision in your hands. Thanks)

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