So I found a listing.

Great energy, wonderful vibe, young, safe neighborhood, affordable price. I contacted the girl to ask if we could meet. She said yes. And wow, was it a wonderful meeting. She has a craft room, a sunroom, a laundry room, a WONDERFUL farm house kitchen, every cooking tool you can imagine, a backyard, 2 cats, she’s vegetarian, a sensible young woman who understands her own footprint, and wishes she could garden more.

She and her boyfriend, who said he’d love to get me to the gym sometime (yes, this whole mess has dropped me to 117 pounds), were expressive, humorous, and creative. We clicked immediately, laughed often, and after telling me she had a few more people to interview, sent me an email a short while back that it had been narrowed down to me. She crochets and sews, he’s hoping to be a physicians assistant.

I can pay them tomorrow night, sign papers, and move in Wednesday.

I want this. This is perfect. Still close to Kara, Publix, and the Post Office, and even closer still to yarn and Starbucks. Its only 10 blocks from here. I’ll CARRY my things if I have to. A great house with a good vibe. It was nice to see her reflect and mention she loves Rieslings. It was nice of him to open up and say, “Hey, I don’t mind The Golden Girls. They’re hysterical!” ( I told him I have a dozen episodes on my laptop, I watch them while I go to sleep….its a nice way to end the day).

I want this. This is my turning point. This can be mine. This WILL be mine.

A place to cook? To share meals with people who laugh and want to learn Cribbage and Cocktails? A place to sleep without fear? A home?

Yes, I want this desperately.

14 more bears by tomorrow evening and its mine…..Leaving my laptop logged into the mad WiFI all night if anyone has questions or requests for a bear. I’m going to have a home….



  1. I’ve been following your saga since you were Love Bombed about a month ago (I was one of your bombers, lol). I’ve been so wanting to buy one of your bears, although I’ve been unemployed myself for over a year Then I saw your Lonely Bear on etsy, read its [your] story and said…OK. It was quickly gone, but I told myself, if I see another one, that’s the sign. Tonight I read your blog, went to etsy, and there he was, waiting for me I’d like to think. I may not have a job, but I have a roof over my head and soon, I pray, so will you and Mario.

  2. Awesome! So glad you found a good place. I should have read this first, but at least you have a chemical weapon if you ever get hit with roaches again! 🙂 Just wondered if you are still looking for people to donate bears to? We just dropped a love bomb on a little girl whose family has just been told she has 6 months to live. I thought you could maybe have donated to her if you were still looking for someone. Here is her website: http://www.stellabrunermethven.com/
    Keep up the great knitting work. So glad things are looking up 😀

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