From THAT to THIS.

Let me quickly say how happy I am to be in my new place. I love my housemates, Tina and Rob. Tina will keep me on my crafty toes, I think. And Rob will turn me into an entrepreneur for sure. I want to do an exceptional blog about how great this place is….but, I can’t tonight. Tonight I wanted to offer a prelude in the form of video madness. I lost so much packing to leave the roach infested flop house. I lost 15-20 books….a clock radio that had me connected to Michael Savage….my grandmother’s sewing basket.

As I was packing my books (Which I rescue like people rescue babies from burning buildings) I saw them destroying them right before my eyes. I quickly pulled out my camera and took a quick shot.

They wouldn’t give me back my deposit because I only gave them 25 days notice as opposed to 30. Yep. Well, here’s the video of the little bastards chewing up my books. This is how bad it was while I slept, why I never ate there, why I had to get out right away.

(don’t worry about my yarn. I always keep it locked in an airtight plastic container…for fear of MOTHS of all things!)

(I really DO love it here. Took great shots today of how fine and wonderful things are now….Until tomarrow, here’s a video of what I left behind.)



  1. That video just nauseates me; the building you were renting at should be reported to the health department. I am so, so glad you’re away from that now!

  2. that was horrifying. When I was young I also lived in a place that got infected somehow. To my surprise roaches are “harmless” in the sense they don’t bite, but it’s really not fun to have them as company around all the time. No, no fun.

    So now, a new life begins. It’s very inspiring and teaches me that when things go wrong, they can really get better, yes they can.

    YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I’ve just noticed I’m, well in fact my blog, but my blog, my little shop, myself, it’s all the same. So I’ve just noticed I’m in your blogroll.

    Thanks a lot

    Need to add a blogroll to to my blog too.

  4. Roaches once were in a house my Dad rented (sight unseen) when we moved from another state. He never did that again. I was maybe 4 and I still remember the roaches-snapshots of them crawling on walls-floors, etc. So much so that I still tremble in their presence. I can’t get close enough to step on one.
    I am so glad you got out of there.

  5. Soooo happy you are out of that and on to bigger and better things!! Please do not think of the things that had to be left behind as losses but as opportunities for new things to come into your life. I understand that as being the hardest with your Grandmother’s sewing basket as there is so much emotion attached to it. Now it is time to envision what you want to replace it, remember there is no limit so envision big!! You are such an amazing person I am sure that many, many more amazing things will come into your life. I would love it if you would email me a list of books you desire, and of course a new address! Can’t wait to see pictures of your new place!!

  6. so happy that you and Mario are somewhere clean, safe and uplifting!
    can’t wait to see pics of the new place πŸ™‚

    sorry to read that you lost some treasured possessions 😦 like your Grandma’s sewing basket ~ that made me sad 😦


  7. Those roaches are disgusting, I’m so happy you are out of there. I too am so sorry about your grandmother’s sewing basket. Like Marie, I would love to replace some of your books … let us know! Can’t wait to see your new place!

  8. YAY! So, so glad you & Mario are in a good place ❀ I agree with Emily – definitely a health dept issue! Biters or not, roaches are filthy and those are unlivable conditions.

    I, too am very sorry about your losses. Some things cannot be replaced 😦 but some can…

    If you were my real-time friend I would come see your new space in person & bring you a gift. Since you are my friend via the internet, perhaps it's appropriate that your home-warming gift comes the same way.

    How would you feel about making an Amazon wish list for those of us who'd like to help you replace some stuff (bks, clock radio etc) and/or help celebrate your joy with a home-warming gift?

    Looking fwd to your next post –

  9. Beloved Brother Greg And Mario : Shabbat Shalom Thank God You Are In A Better Place !!! My And Others Prayers For You Have Not Gone Unnoticed ( God Is Love – To Love Others !!! ) Roaches Are Not A Joke – They Carry Diseases That I Heard Can Cause Asthma !!! God Will Guide You !!! God Bless You Allways And Your Household – Mario Too !!! Glory to God Through Christ Amen Shabbat Shalom

  10. So happy to hear that you are in a good place now! I’m very excited for you! I love Trasi’s idea about an Amazon wish list so we can help celebrate with you with a home-warming gift! Very very happy for you and Mario!

  11. Just a quick question, but you mention that your clock radio connected you to Michael Savage. Do you mean the talk-radio dude? He’s a huge hater, so I hope he’s not someone you look up to, because you seem to have a great spirit. Good luck with your bears.

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