Full Belly, Heavy Grin.

Good morning! Its about 7am EST, Monday morning. Heading back to knitting and teddy bear loving today. Spent a good couple of days in a lot of downtime. I was emotionally drained after the move, but with the tension lifted, the stress ripped off me and tossed to the side, I was able to rest, sleep deeply, breathe even deeper, and pull myself back into being a full human.

I made gumbo from scratch the first night I was here. It took me about 4 hours. I went insanely old school. Fresh okra, fresh veggies, I made up a roux and just took my time pouring good intentions and vibes through the whole meal. Tina is a vegetarian, so wasn’t able to have the gumbo, but Rob thoroughly enjoyed it, along with the jalapeno cornbread. And when all was said and done? A full belly and a heavy grin set me to bed.

I love this picture of Mario in the window. This is what I’ve been striving for. A spot where she doesn’t hide, a place for us to LIVE and she doesn’t have to lurk in a closet all day in fear. She loves it here, leaping and jumping, squeaking a little meow here and there to let me know she approves. The other photo of Mario totally reminds me of some kind of snapshot of my life. I picked up an air mattress, which you see tossed to the corner, my boots, a little chair, a mix of yarn on the floor, and little Mario right in the middle of it, the center of the universe.

I am sad that I lost the books and my grandmother’s sewing basket. The basket I’ll never get back. Sadly. I like the idea of an amazon wishlist, but its never really how I acquire books. They fall into my lap. They’ll be for sale at a thrift store for a dime. I’ll stumble upon one I’ve been looking for at a yard sale. Besides, there are other things I could use right now. A lamp would be nice, a little lamp to knit under (especially the dark brown bears-ouch on the eyes).

And since I didn’t get the deposit back at my old situation, I lost quite a bit of money. ($200) So, if anyone really likes the idea of getting me a housewarming present, help with postage in getting the bears out and towards their new homes would be incredibly helpful. The photo shows a bunch of bears boxed and ready. I still have 25 I need to finish sew up, stuff and ship to their various homes. So, I could REALLY use some help with postage funds.

I bought enough food for two weeks, so I’m good there. I have my cribbage board. I have my yarn. There isn’t a whole lot more I need, except maybe help with postage. SO! If anyone would like to help with that, I’ll be more than grateful, and will accept it as sort of housewarming present.

Ok, its time to get busy. Later on I want to take pictures of the avocados that are ripening in the kitchen! YES! We have an avocado tree outback! Woo HOO! Can’t wait to make guacamole 🙂



  1. Oh yes the bear on the right is adorable.

    This blog post is so positive and soothing.

    now it’s time for you to be (at last) happy !!

  2. I am so very excited for you and Mario! The photos are wonderful, the sense of peace from your writing is so comforting, and your happiness shines through everything. Those bears in their boxes are adorable!
    If you would, please send me your new address so I can help. I am so very proud of you and all you have accomplished! Keep growing!

  3. That looks soo much nicer than the cockroach infested hell hole you just came from. Great to see you found somewhere decent and i’m glad Mario likes it.

    Also i agree with Dith, that orange bear is cute as…

    Would you ever consider making a monkey???

  4. Ditto on what everyone above says! I’ve made a donation, I hope it will help with postage and perhaps a lamp too. I’m so happy for you.

  5. I just made a donation. I admire what you’re trying to do. And I’ve lived with cockroaches.

    You’re hard work and efforts will pay off eventually. It did for me.

    Best wishes.

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