Prayer Requested. No Name Recquired.

People have been awfully good to me over these last couple of months. Terribly good, reminding me that often all that is needed is the love and support of a community of strangers when things go sour. There is an empowerment in prayer. I believe that. I also believe that despite what your usual idea of religion and acceptance is, there is nothing required or needed of you when it comes to hoping the best for someone whom you’ve never even met.

So, here is where I call upon you, my beautiful group of friends and loved one’s I’ve never had the chance to meet, but had the great fortune of bonding with through one of the darker periods of my life. I’d like to ask for prayers on behalf of someone you and I have never met, someone you and I don’t even know.

There is a woman in the UK I sent a bear to, a hopeful bear to help her. It was a bear requested by her sister, who asked to remain anonymous, and for whom I shall honor that mystery. The woman’s health is failing, has been for some time, who could just use a touch of our hearts for a moment, who could use a single solitary moment of our reflections, a small head-bowed thought that says it all.

Just close your eyes for a moment, just a second and pray. No name needed, no direct thought distilled out of creativity. Just think about someone you’ve never met, who could use a bountiful beacon of light. And hopefully, that important call will find itself where needed, and each of us will be reminded, during our most frigthful times in life, that there are people out there who care, and that we are never ever alone.





  1. Hi Greg –
    I found you through the LoveBomb and have been following your journey ever since (and continuing to keep you in my prayers!). You are such an incredible inspiration, and are so selfless. I absolutely am sending prayers and thoughts of joy overseas – thank you for the heads up!

    Hugs from Wyoming!


  2. Brother Gregory : Shalom Please Go to Sundance dot com Ok ??? There Is A website There Called Quirky !!! They Help People With Ideas ( Me and You – Others Too ) Possibly They can Help you get More Of Your Talented Ideas – To Reach More Consumers !!! Or Call 1- 866 – 5 Quirky – 8 – 9 Est. Time !!! My Prayers Are Allways There For You Brother !!! God Is Love – Truth – To Love Others !!! Praise And Thanks To God Our Father Through Christ Our Lord And Savior

  3. Brother Greg : One More Thing ; Since God Has Given You a Heart Of Gold 🙂 This One Is On Me : Ready ??? The Pet Industry Is A Billion $ Industry !!! Besides Your Bears , Expand Your Horizons ; Try Knitted Pet Clothes : cats , dogs , Hammsters , Etc. !!! I will Pray for The woman in The UK !!! Bless Everyone !!! Hope Is Better If Mario Has Threads To Wear and Play with Peace 🙂

  4. More Ideas : French ( Others 2 ) Caps 4 cats, dogs , Hamster Beds – 12 year old Girl Made These; Made approx. 30 Grand Selling These On the Net !!! God Wants To Bless You ; So You Can Bless Others !!! Your Brother and Friend 4 Life Peace 🙂

  5. God bless your sweet, dear heart! I just stumbled upon your wonderful, uplifting blog through the good people at LionBrand yarn. I see many more caring bears with all the wonderful yarn they’ve sent you. God is good. I’ve said a prayer to your anonymous friend in the U.K. – God bless her & her family.

    You’ve inspired me more than you know.
    God loves you and so do I.

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