The Mischievous Little Brown Bear

So, when you think of Florida, you probably think of gators, flamingos, mosquitoes…. But, there’s actually a huge brown bear population here that people forget about. It’s actually quite funny. You see, people will come home from work to find the little brown bears splashing in their pools, playfully lurking behind their garages, or dangling from their trees eager for attention. The bears are never hurt, of course. They’re quietly gathered and whisked back to the woods away from suburban cries.


So, this bear is for the adventurous, mischievous, wide-eyed with wonder little one who can’t help but seek out bold new things, whose bright eyes are smitten with shiny new stories. But to whom when all is said and done, is quietly ushered back to the safe haven of a patient mother.


Here’s to being mischievous.


Made of a sinister dark chocolate wool. I love this color.


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