Gregory Patrick™

Good morning everyone! It’s about 8am EST, but I’ve naturally been up since about 5ish. I had this revelation as I had my cup of coffee earlier, this clinching “BLING!” like the cartoon light bulb that pops up over the head in cartoons. It’s been 2 and a half weeks since I’ve moved into my new place and I can’t tell you enough how much I love it. You’re all aware of what a hurtle it was to finally find something permanent and real, something clean and stable. After life in the woods, then the roach infested flop house, I finally found a place that I can set my boots in, toss my cowboy hat to the side, dive into bed and go, “ahhhhhh.” Everyone was so supportive in helping me acquire this. I’ve had orders for bears from all over the planet, well wishes from every point in the universe. “Let’s save the homeless guy who knits teddy bears!” And you did.

You saved this little soil wrapped, skinny, freckled red head. You saved him and his cat….then I started thinking, I can’t wake up everyday being “the homeless guy” the world saved. I’m not that man anymore. What happens next? Where once these teddy bears were the thing that saved me from starvation and homelessness, that can’t be the issue anymore. I’ve been saved somewhat. I have a home. I’ve eaten better in the last two weeks than I have in a year. And hopefully, my weight will go back up from its current 120 pounds to a normal weight.

So, I woke up with this groggy eye, this dark search for my jeans on the floor so I could head to the kitchen to make coffee, where it hit me.

I am a business man.

And I’m not solitary in this, heavens no. I like to think of myself as a publicly traded company. Gregory Patrick™. I think of everyone who has supported me with the purchase of bears as my investors, my board of directors, my go to peeps for insight, direction, marketing advise, expertise. YOU are the people I work for. I’m just the CEO of a fledgling start-up that has all the potential in the world to save another soul somewhere in the world. I’ve often said, the one thing I want more than anything is to be a success… that I can be a philanthropist. I want to help others in the same manner that all of you helped me. I want to make money to get this company running, so that I can employ others, or rather, teach others that your hobby just may be the thing that saves you in this rough economy. Do what you love, the money will follow. No product is better served than those that come from the soul. The more successful I am, the more yarn I can buy, keeping other business afloat to a degree, keeping other people employed.


SO! That is where we stand now. I am Gregory Patrick. YOUR employee. YOU tell me where you want this company to go, what direction you’d like it take, how you want it to flourish. Should we continue with teddy bears that would rival the Steiff? Or shall we move into other things?


I have a full pot of coffee, a pot of soup on the stove to nibble at throughout the day. I’ll be sitting here knitting up all the rest of the bears from the Bear-A-Thon from last month. But, I have to get supplies coming in, I have to get inventory going out. And this is critical. This company will fail quickly if nothing moves out soon.

With a burning ambition, and a desire to aspire to a level that would allow me to pay all of this forward, I’ll be here throughout the day, waiting to hear from all of you, waiting to take Gregory Patrick™ to the next level.


Cast on!




  1. I totally hear you. First everyone who helped you along the way, I’m sure, are all relieved that you finally have a home, a H O M E, home !!

    I am amazed that you already found enough peace within yourself to think of the future in such a way.

    I, too, am struggling in finding my niche in this Internet world. I can’t be the one telling you where to go. I can only show you what I’m up to recently (, inventing my own world.

    I made a few sales but not enough to adopt one of your teddies. So don’t forget how to make them until I can click the Purchase button 🙂

    You could knit blankets, or even try a puppy ?

    Have fun my friend

  2. Hey Mr Gregory Patrick! I am so happy for you and so proud of you!!!! I sit here with my cup of coffee, reading your words of “do what you love, the money will follow” and repeat to you, “do what you love, the money will follow!”
    I can not tell you what you love, but you can certainly tell the universe from the bottom of your toes exactly what you love and you want and the universe will listen. (And so will we) Isn’t that how we got to this point in the first place? Thought so!

    And btw, I do not see you as the “homeless guy that makes teddybears” I see you as the man that got feed up with how life was treating him and decided to make a change.. teddybear style!

    Now that being said, I do have an idea which, of course, has not been fully thought through.. but here goes.. I have only so many people in my life that will appreciate a teddybear.(I will be ordering soon and they will be gifts for Christmas/Hannukah). but there are some I would love to buy someone deserving of a bear in their name. Ya know what I mean? I would love to be able to purchase a bear in Adeline’s name and have you be able to give it to someone who needs one. Then, I would be able to give my mom the gift of having sent a bear out to someone in my grandmothers name. A gift of giving that she would truly appreciate. Not that she wouldn’t appreciate a bear but she would LOVE the idea that a child like the one pictured from Louisiana was loving a bear in her mom’s name.

    I think that might be too much to handle right now.. but perhaps a future thing you could offer on Etsy. Other then that..
    “do what you love, and the money will follow”

  3. Dude. You gotta do what you love. Your passion is what will carry you forward. It’s what will draw people to you.

    You can’t get that from a committee. It can’t be mandated.

  4. Have you considered contacting local stores to see if they would be interested in selling them? I always thought that hospital gift stores would be interested. You need to show up with the bears and badger them haha.

    You could also start working on a line of like, punk rock (from that bear with the mohawk), as an art show. Some galleries and art stores will show work for free if there’s a compassionate reason.

  5. I love your bears. I hope to be able to buy one soon. Maybe I will get myself a bear for my birthday in December. Keep on doing what you love and hopefully success will follow.

  6. Beloved Gregory : Shabbat Shalom Great Post !!! Hope I Gave You Some INSPIRATION From My Last Posts !!! I Called Kuirky And Talked To One Of Their Reps. ; They Want To Give Us 35 % But If You Already Have A Working Prototype They Will Give You More !!! See If It Is For You ( Advertising On Tv Big !!! ) Let The Holy Spirit Guide You !!! God Bless You Allways , Praise And Glory To God Our Father Through Christ Our Lord And Savior Amen ( Drop A Love ) Shalom !!! :-)(-:

  7. Also, I want to say, that amid all the meanness and selfishness that seems to abound in this country, especially as of late, that your blog has given me hope. There are nice people out there. There are people out there wanting to help. People wanting to make sure everyone is ok and gets help, People who want to make sure we are all taken care of. Wanting to do right by each other. There are NICE people left in the world. People who care, And maybe it all starts with a man and his cat.

  8. Why not teach others suffering from homelessness and help them create a dream. Your business could be creating stability for others using your knitting skills and employing them. They say you can give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime.

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