Life, Lionbrand, and Letting Go

Good morning, everyone. My talk with Lionbrand Yarn Sunday night was more than I expected. They were courteous and curious and I can’t thank them enough for even giving the time and the consideration to aย  simple guy like me. I’m looking forward to seeing how our relationship will unfold, how I can be of use to them, how I can help promote the Fisherman’s Wool that I knit my bears up with. After all, that first skein of Oak Tweed brought about the Teddy Bear That Saved Me…allowing me to feed myself, offering me hope.

In other news, I found September to be a sluggishly bad month in sales. I nose dived. October has also started off pretty bleak. I’m still looking for an Angel investor. Someone who sees this little guy striving to make a name for himself and stay afloat. The US Post Office is killing me. Boxes are more expensive than corrugated cardboard SHOULD be. (At some point, if congress does decide to shut down the post office, I don’t think I’d mind).

So, with a deficit in my own pocket continuing to increase, I’m still looking for donations, investments, sales, anything to help offset the costs of building this little teddy bear empire. (To be honest? I’m looking to raise about $200 to help bring me back into the black. I know its not much to many, but for my business, it’s a lifeline).

Sometimes I feel I have some sort of Post Traumatic Stress from being homeless. I find it hard to sleep. I’ll wake at about 2am just to make sure Mario is in the room, just to make sure that I’m not waking up 6 months ago. I think about some moments out in the woods and I shake myself and go, “Nope nope, I don’t have time to deal with that right now.”

I’ve been told that it’ll take about a year before its finally cleansed from my psyche. Not that it’ll ever go away, but that the sense of security will overtake the sense of fear that I could be homeless again. I try to let it go. But, its always over my shoulder.

Now, on the flip side of all this, Kara and I are going to a Thrift Store this morning to donate our time. So many people have been good to me, and I want to do something, anything I can to put something back into the universe. If time and talent are all I can afford, then I’m happy to offer it. Tomorrow from 9 to 11 I’ll be heading over to this charming little Methodist church where a group of ladies, calling themselves “Knit Wits,” meets weekly to knit and crochet items for charity. They supply the materials, you supply the smile and the skill. I’m looking forward to it.

So, that’s where I am right now just shy of 8am on a Tuesday morning. Putting something into the universe, hoping for blessings.



  1. Brother Gregory : Shalom Excellant Post !!! Posting Your Concerns And feelings Will Help You Heal !!! Thank God For You Helping Others To Help Yourself Heal Of Your Trauma – Look 2 The Future !!! My Prayers For You , Mario , Your Loved Ones !!! Praise – Glory – Thanks To Elohim Through Yeshua – God Is Love To Eternity !!! ( Love Bomb ) :-)(-: Never Give Up !!! Your Brother In Christ !!! Let Go – Let God Amen Shalom !!! Bye !!!

  2. Brother Gregory : Shalom I Was Homeless For About 1 Year ??? !!! ( God Put Me There 2 Understand 2 Have Compassion For Homeless People And 2 Appreciate Things In Life MORE ๐Ÿ™‚ ) God Is Excellant – Praise Him – Bless Him – Why Do U Think God Leaves DEATH In The End Of Our Lives ??? We RETURN 2 Him – Ecclesiastes C. 12 Vs. 7 – God Is Love Bro !!! Amen Shalom !!!

  3. One More Thing : Shalom ALL US PEOPLE Here On Earth Don*t Realy Understand Ourselves Fully ??? When You Do – True Peace Comes In – Hebrews C. 13 Vs. 1 – 2 : Let Brotherly LOVE CONTINUE !!! Vs. 2 : Be Not Forgetfull 2 Entertain STRANGERS : For Thereby Some Have Entertained ANGELS Unawares !!! You See Brother ??? Come Find Yourself : Big Church Dot Com – Handle – Messangeroflight – It*s Free 2 Join !!! We Are Fallen ANGELS From Heaven – Mount Zion – God*s Dwelling / Trying 2 FIND Our Way HOME ??? !!! *** RETURN **** Where We Started !!! An ANGEL Of The Lord Is Calling You ??? !!! Peace – Faith – Hope – Mercy – Love From Mount Zion :-)(-: Bless The Lord 4 All Things Shalom Amen ( LOVE Bomb ) Bye !!! Elijah

  4. Gregory, things will pick up. Have faith and trust in God!! You can save money on boxes by shipping flat rate USPS Priority mail. The boxes are free, online.


    I gave you the link (if it doesn’t work, go to and scroll to the lower portion of the page and click on the “Any weight, same rate. Get free flat rate boxes” section.) and they have a minimum of 10 boxes per ordered item. They even ship free, to your door. If you’re able to, do the shipping online also, as that will save you an additional $1.50 per package shipped.

  5. Hi Greg! Contributed what I could, and praying that the rest comes through for you. The best thing you can be doing is giving of your time – I really believe that it all comes back around in so many ways! Enjoy your knitting time tomorrow, and I know I’ve said it before, but thank you for being an inspiration! Keep your head up and your needles busy. ๐Ÿ™‚



  6. It’s been my experience that the more involved I get, the more help I find. I think you are well on your way. It’s not often that we meet people who change our world. In the last week, I have discovered your bears and your blog. It has been a pleasure. I will try to spread the word and support you in that way, as best I can. Best regards and keep in there. You will reach your dreams for sure!
    Erin in Ohio

  7. If you order your boxes from, they’re not only free — but they’ll deliver them.

    I’ve done it many times. 100% free (just make sure to select the ones that are priced as “no charge”) — even the packing tape is free. And they’ll bring it all to your door. It’s not a trick — it’s the usps website. They just want you to use their priority shipping. (Though I’ve ‘heard’ that you could cover their boxes in brown paper and shipped how i liked… I’ve also hear that it’s a great way to get free boxes for moving…)

    So there’s my tip of the day. If you use it, feel free to send up a prayer for my broke and unemployeed self ๐Ÿ˜‰

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