The Lion and The Bear

This has been the most amazing week I can recall in an awfully long time. This is going to be a quick post because my plate is crazy full. I think I need to come up with a schedule, a weekly routine where I at least spend one day putting the knitting needles down and writing.

Thanks to the staff at Lionbrand Yarn for the great publicity. It has opened up some amazing doors. My inbox has been filled with well wishes and support from people all over the globe. I am eternally grateful. If you get a chance, swing over to Lionbrand and tell them “Thank you!” Lionbrand saved my bears.

I’m also still actively hunting down a place to live. I think this time it would be best if I find someplace to live alone. I don’t want someone again to tell me I have to go. I don’t want to be put in this situation again because of a 25 year olds personality flaws. So, I’m busting out of bed at 4am, knitting all day, surfacing only long enough for coffee and a bite to eat, a scratch to Mario’s chin, and then back to work. I’m looking into teaching knitting classes at my local yarn shops. I want my future to be in all aspects designed around my own decisions. Not at the whim of someone else’s. So! Its back to work I go.

I’m also going to do a series of blogs soon about how I make my bears with Fisherman’s wool, why I use that yarn, and how the bear came about.

I just want to let all of you know I’m still here, quietly knitting like a mad man, knitting bears, writing out the patterns (Yeah! I think I should sell them!), hunting a safe and private place of my own (no more renting rooms because I can’t find anything else) and directing my life with a set of knitting needles to guide me.

And of course, I wanted to thank all of you for your continued encouragement and support.

No amount of sadness, or disappointment could ruin the shield of love you’ve surrounded me with.



  1. You can sell patterns on Ravelry if you’re interested. It’s a great knitting and crocheting community! I think up to either a certain number of patterns or a certain dollar amount may be sold each month without charge. I think you should sell the patterns as well! I am anxious to know where the bear came from. I love following your blog!

  2. I’m glad you recognise that you’re being evicted due to the ‘personality flaws’ of another person. I really could not understand the ‘logic’ of the decision – in that there was none! I trust that this will be a springboard to bigger and better things for you, your kitty and your knitting.

  3. Brother Gregory , I Am Glad Things Are Going Positive For Your Dreams , And Many Prayers To Help You Get There … !!! Tell Mario That You Need You To Put Your Needles Down , And Have Mario Give YOU A CHIN Scratch For A Change ….!!! Pens Too …. Bless You And Your Dreams ….Bye …!!!

  4. I felt so sad for you that you had to move yet again but I keep my fingers and toes crossed that your apartment or house hunt will be successful!

    Also if you need somebody to proof”knit” your instructions, I’m willing to help you out. I love to craft using instructions and later to completely twist them around ;-). But maybe if your instructions are as flowing as your writing it should be an easy thing to knit those cute bears up!

    Positive vibes from sunny Cape Verde and heck, I’d say pack your things come over to my island and live with me and Fuffi (she’s a dog but she loves cats). I have a spare room and we get up at 6 Am, eat everything (accept snails and foie gras), prefer staying home and bead and knit and craft and bake and cook and watch movies ;-). You and Mario would be welcome!

      1. I live on the main island: Santiago in Praia (main city). Yep I do speak Portuguese and a little bit of the local Creol (Criulu).

        Once you’re ready with the pattern send it to:

        Enjoy your day and have a great weekend, we’ll be waving at you from the beach on saturday!

  5. Gregory – thank you for sharing your story. Keep the faith – good things come to those who work for them & you’re doing just that. I think teaching knitting at local shops will be wonderful for you and for your students. Am looking forward to more updates : )

  6. I won your bear in the LBY contest, and it just got delivered a few minutes ago. It’s BEAUTIFUL! My son has already claimed it as his, and I’ll be checking your etsy shop for another one to buy for my nephew back in Wisconsin soon. Keep up the great work!

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