Thank You for Being a Freind

So, last year on Thanksgiving I had a bowl of beans for dinner. It was all I had. One bag of lima beans that I soaked overnight and seasoned with salt. Couldn’t afford pepper. At that time in my life I had no hope. I had no knitting needles. I had no promise of a job. I had but the clothes on my back and my little cat, Mario. I had but George and Kara as my companionship, they both going through financial a madness of their own, they had not a lot more than I did for Thanksgiving. But, on that day, one year prior to now, I was THANKFUL for that bowl of lima beans. You see, I waited until Thanksgiving to have them. That’s how bad things were. I WAITED until Thanksgiving to cook them knowing food was scarce and hard to come by. That bag of beans was all I had and God knows I was thankful for it.

Here it is one year later and I have so much more to be thankful for. And though I had an invitation to spend Thanksgiving with Kara and her family this year, I politely declined and said, “You know? I think I’m going to have lima beans.” There was no queer look from Kara as to why in the world I’d forget turkey and stuffing for lima beans. She knew.

In the past year I’ve been able to thrive in ways I couldn’t have ever imagined. I have friends I’ve met from all over the world, friends whom I don’t even know what their voices sound like, but hear their whispering support in my heart often. I’m still struggling for a spot to live long term, but at least now I have hope, which is something strangely missing a year ago. This year I’m thankful for the souls that have come to smile as they’ve buy my bears and find the sad eyed dears at their doorstep. I’m thankful for an army of divine eyes who peek dearly on this blog to see if I need anything, whether it be food, or a simple hug, or words of encouragement. I’m thankful of a talent, my knitting, a talent that has given me some income to which I can brighten and widen my eyes and remember, “I can survive. Now, I know I can….”

This year, sitting alone, I’m having lima beans….and collards (I do so love them), rice and cornbread. As the shelter downtown announced it had an increase of 48% attendance this year at their Thanksgiving dinner, I felt a simple dinner was right, made sense. Made me feel content. Maybe this will be my new Thanksgiving tradition. A simple meal knowing that I have hope, love, support….and there are others who don’t. There are others who are alone. I want them to know that I’m having dinner with them. I want them to know I’m here. They aren’t alone. In thought, if its all I can give in return to pay it forward, I want them to know I’m here….having dinner with them.

I could not have found this paramount of hope had it not been for all of you, my friends. SO! While having dinner I’m going to watch the Golden Girls. Don’t laugh πŸ™‚ Those insane ladies always make me laugh. They never did a Thanksgiving episode, but there is a Christmas episode that is poignant for today. If any of you out there are reading this, have something simple to eat today, and are by yourself, then kick back, eat a little dinner, and watch the Golden Girls with me.

Much Love,




  1. Man and cat, have a good one you two! Your counterpart, woman and dog will exactly do the same, well not celebrate thanksgiving as this is not one of our European customs or one here in Cape Verde, but we will enjoy a piece of home baked bread, buttered up and slices of cucumber and apple a piece of cheese and a little salad with tomatoes… unfortunately we don’t have the Golden Girls to keep us company…
    We thank you for becoming our friend and do hope that maybe one day we’ll meet in person and have wonderful time!

  2. You’ve just expressed what is to me the true sense of Thanksgiving (although here in Canada we celebrate this event in October): be thankful for what we have now, for what good things we had for the past year.

    We can always be thankful for not having more problems that what’s on our plate, I can tell you πŸ˜‰

    With fond love


  3. Happy Thanksgiving. πŸ™‚ If you are so inclined, Google the lyrics to Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow.” Was an encouragement to me today, hope it is the same to you. God bless.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Gregory, you are such an inspiration to me. I wish you all the best to you and Mario. Enjoy your day and relax. πŸ™‚

  5. Brother Gregory : Shalom , Excellant Post … !!! … Man You Wear You Heart On Your Sleave … Like I Do … !!! … Everyday Is Thanksgiving …While We Are Still Alive… To Be Gratefull For The Small Things That Most People Take For Granted … !!! ..??? … The Neat Part Of Humans Is To Help One Another … Total Strangers … Coming Together … To Inspire Each Other … To Have HOPE … Instead Of Sorrow … !!! … Hurting Someone Is Easy … Hardwired In Us From Birth … Helping Is Hardwired Too… ” Parallel Universes ” … The Carnal Mind … Only Seeing The Physical … And Reacting To It … NOT KNOWING … About The Spiritual Universe … That Keeps Us Alive … !!! … The World Is Full Of MYSTERYS … But Having FRIENDS … To Share Them With … Makes Life Better … !!! … The Physical Is Just An ILLUSION … Our Six Senses Touch This World … Then We Pass Away Into The Spiritual Universe … We Have A Date With DEATH … All Of Us … !!!… But To Know That We Somehow Made A Differance … To Help Someone … Anyone … Is The Human Spirit … !!! … And That Came From GOD … But The God Of This World … Satan – The Devil … Is The Prince And Power Of The Air … Without Air We Would DIE …!!! … So Why The GOD BASHING … ??? … Why Not DEVIL BASH …Instead …??? … Since The Devil … Brought US ALL DEATH … !!! … ” Parallel Universes ” … In OUR BODIES …. The Physical Fighting Every Second With The Spiritual … As The COSMOS … Thats Why Planets Have Hardly No LIFE … On Them … God And The Devil … At WAR … Celestial Bodies Hitting One Another …. And To Know That The Physical Demention And Time … Will Be Swallowed Up … In A Black HOLE … Revelation C. 12 All = WAR / C. 6 Vs. 14 – C. 9

  6. I love me some Golden Girls. I feel you. I wish you many, many more Thanksgivings. Enjoy your beans and the girls. I have seasons 1-4 on DVD; they were a gift I received, that couldn’t have come at a better time. My mom passed away suddenly this year at the end of May. She and I used to watch Golden Girls together… sweet memories for me. Today was a bittersweet day for me; Although I am very grateful for everything I have, and all the people in my life, it was a bit difficult as well. The first holiday without mom, and coming to realize that it will be that way from now on, but hopefully a little easier. I have hope for that. I hope that you’ve had a nice day, and that you have a nice evening. Emmie (my kitty) and I will sit here and watch some Golden Girls — and raise a glass of bubbly (mineral water) to you and Mario :-)…. enjoy the rest of your week. Take care!
    Viele liebe Grüße aus Deutschland!! πŸ™‚
    -Kristen in Germany

  7. Brother Gregory And Mario : I Posted The Above To Help You Understand Yourself Better , Why You Have Battles Within Your Mind … !!! … To Understand That We Are All SPECIAL … And To LOVE One Another … God Bless You And Mario Too … !!! … Glory Praise Thanks Blessings To God Through Christ From Mount Zion … Amen … Shalom !!!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Gregory. I wish everyone losing their tempers at stores today over foolish things would remember your words … “A simple meal knowing that I have hope, love, support….and there are others who don’t.” You know what matters and Bless you for sharing.

  9. Hugs to you and Mario!! I am so very proud of you! I love quirky traditions that are meaningful. You have found the true meaning of Thanksgiving and that is so refreshing to see. I am envisioning you writing a blog about the amazing place you and Mario have found to call home. And you writing that you have found security, comfort and peace. Love to you, Mario, and all the teddy bears that bring smiles, companionship, and comfort.

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