Martha, Marshes, and Mario Posing for Maxim.

I haven’t had much time to blog lately. Deeply entrenched in getting my teddy bears in their homes by Christmas Eve. It has been a wonderful two weeks. The room I’m staying in at my mother’s place is truly beginning to look like Santa’s workshop. Bits of knitting, bows, and boxes all over the place.

I wanted to blog tonight because I had a moment just a few minutes ago where I was reminded of the unexpected beauty in life. My mother’s balcony is adjacent to the marshes. All sorts of wild things happen out there. But, just a short while ago I got to see dolphins play, about three of them, as the sun was setting. I took a seat, watched them toss themselves in the air, dance about in the water, then scurry on. Life happens to move like that for me. Great things happen when I’m not looking for them. They simply appear, you smile, you admire the brilliance that is spontaneity, and you weep at how wonderful it is.

I like it here. If I could stay at my mom’s forever, I would. But, at the end of the month, I need to move on. I need to have my own home, cook my own food, wash my own clothes. After a year of being estranged, I’m home. And I love it. I feel safe, I feel protected and cared for. But, I do think that I’ll make St. Simons my home. I tried it once when I was in my 20’s, but none of us do things correctly in our 20’s.

Mario seems to be so comfortable that I often find her in a spot in the middle of any room, sprawling spread eagle and urging anyone to rub her belly. Yes, I know cats aren’t usually fond of having their tummies rubbed, but she seems to feel safe enough to let anyone passing by pet her.

If you missed it, my little teddy bears were on the Martha Stewart show on Thursday. Thanks to a great many people, I’ve been supplied a link to the show, and if you didn’t get a chance to see them, click here. Martha actually seemed genuinely enamored with my little bears. I think I just might be on to something….

Ok. Back to work. It’s crunch time. I’ve got 3 bears a day to knit up until next Tuesday. And in the interim, John (my mother’s husband) and I are going to be ringing bells for the Salvation Army tomorrow. So, even though I don’t have tons of cash, I at least can supply my time to ring the infamous bell. I’m feeling good. Feeling like…..

….like I understand what love is.





  1. Again I am soooooooooooooooooooooo proud of you!!! You are doing amazing things! I really wanted to order some bears for Christmas but it looks like I am going to have to wait until after the first of the year, which might turn out perfectly for you! Things always happen for a reason. I absolutely love that you take in all the beauty around you.. and you make a point to give back. That is exactly how to live a full and meaningful life. I am still envisioning a post from you saying that you have an amazing place for you and Mario and the bears to live, and that you feel loved, comfortable and safe. You deserve great things in life!

  2. In your twenties you can’t get fast enough out of your parents’ house “home”, to university, live life to the fullest. Then suddenly, round about the thirties, maybe you have even been very far and a long time gone from “home”, you come back to the spot and it hits you … H O M E …
    It is what you make of it, sure, but it feels like what pushed you back, back there in your twenties, now kind of pulls you back in and you kind of liking it too!
    Man, am I happy for you and hope you’ll find that little place to make your own home.

  3. Lovely post, happy for you. Your little cat reminds me of our Che, the way she is sprawled there with her belly for all to see. Che loves to have his tummy tickled too. The other two won’t let us tho! Funny how different we all are, eh? 🙂

  4. I hope this doesn’t come out wrong..So I’m just gonna say it & hope you understand where I’m going with it. Anyone, well mostly anyone, that ever made it big, made a name for themselves,or just made it out of depression (in my opinion) will only truly learn what they are too,appreciate what their supposed to and come out a better person on the other side of it when they’ve walked the trenches a while. I envision you famous someday. I still cant believe how humble you were about having Martha Stewart mention you and your bears on her show..thats such a big deal..I’m so grateful I’ve subscribed to your posts because i think all of us in one way or another have been in the pit with no choice but to either give up or suck it up.
    we just dont always get to see someone go through that transformation and though i dont enjoy when youve had a ruff time in the past, i do however (and im sure others) know how it feels and your attitude it incredible.

    I have looked at many bear patterns online and not one of them have the cuteness your bears do. Maybe its the (why) their made or how they came to be that makes them that more special. I just hope some big company comes along and scoops you right up..Did you ever think about doing a workshop? If you ever came to PA, I would pay to see you and pay to learn how to knit a bear or something cute or a 2 day workshop would be even better. i could gift my bear to a charity or great great nephew lol.

    You have such a genuine heart and it’s really a pleasure to read your blogs. I am glad you are at home..It’s good for our souls to have a parent or both to lean on for a time. My parents were my best friends. the past year without them has been a struggle but God has put some amazing friends in my path. Friends I never would of made it without.

    How many hours does it take you to knit 3 bears a day? My goodness that’s a lot..I think i better get one before you get all famous and they cost a fortune lol.
    thank you for sharing with us.

  5. Brother Gregory , Your Family , Mario ; Shalom , I Am Blessed By Your Blogs … !!! … I Mean … How The Good Lord Is Leading You … And Helping You … !!! … Martha … How Cool … !!! … That Is Wonderfull … For Your Bear*s Biz … The Exposure …Plus $ale$ , … I am Happy For You … !!! … I Wish The Best For You And Your Family … Thank God For You Sharing The Neat Photos And Story … Mario … Maxim …Haa Haa …. !!! … God Bless You And Your Loved Ones … , And All That Posted … God Is The Reasons For All Seasons … To Love One Another … Take Care … Shalom Bye … !!! …

  6. It’s good to hear how much more relaxed you sound. Even though you’re knitting your little fingers off, your soul sounds at peace. And Mario is obviously loving life where she is. My kitties also reflect the peace or lack of same in our environment. Since there are 3 of them, any upset brings little spats among them. But when they’re feeling good, they play and purr and look for hugs and belly rubs.

    I’m also working on the Salvation Army kettles, up here in my town in Canada. We don’t ring the bells anymore, but we have good exposure. It amazes me to see the level of generosity; even people with ragged clothes drop in a few coins, and I hear all kinds of stories. Your shift would have been yesterday – hope you enjoyed it.

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