Ouch! That Hurt…..

What a strange two days it has been. Let me preface by saying, I am doing my best to enjoy this awesome weather. Not trying to tease anybody, but I’m thankful that Mother Nature is gracing us here with 70 degrees, sunny skies, and a light breeze. The more I can keep old man winter off my back, the better (I’m a scrawny man, its so HARD for me to stay warm). I rather enjoy having the sun on my skin.

Now, I got my first negative feedback on Etsy. I told you, that flu stole nearly a month from me, and being backed up has taken its toll. The fact that someone was displeased really doesn’t sit well with me.  It hurt me to see that I had disappointed someone. I want my supporters tended to and taken care of. So, I’m trying very hard to get everything taken care of and make sure everyone stays happy. My deepest concern is that the business seems to have taken a deep hit in the last month. Trying to knit current orders and come up with new ones to keep the money coming in isn’t as easy as I thought. That’s why I thought I’d go ahead and write and sell the pattern to my teddy bear for quick cash. This way, there is at least something coming in.

It dawned on me that with both Martha Stewart and Nate Berkus being cancelled, that I won’t get the chance to show off on two of my favorite shows….so why not start one of my own! I’d love to do a weekly Web Cast about your craft as a business. Many of you have never heard what I sound like, or have seen my smile in motion. I think it would be awesome! And CHEAP! All I would need is a cheap camera that has great video, then maybe I could look for advertisers! Maybe I should sell ads on my blog? Maybe I should hurry up and finish my book, “Will Knit For Food?”

See? These are all the things I’d love to tackle, would love to get to. But, for now, I need to finish the teddy bears. I have to keep this momentum going. It took so long to get out of that mess of homelessness, then living in a flophouse. But, it took only a second to get there. I’m not going to go through that again.

I think I’m going to go for a walk, clear my head, think about that handsome smile that has me a little weak kneed, then come back and watch “Howard’s End.”

I like it here. I like this little island and my simple life….I like finally being able to relax and enjoy the sun on my skin. So, I’m gonna keep up the donate button, if someone wants to help with expenses while I get caught up.



  1. Don’t let it get you down! There are some people out there who are NEVER happy, no matter what you do. Just chalk it up as an experience and keep on keeping on!

  2. Go back and read all those lovely things that people told you about not feeling guilty when you posted about this kind of thing before. As Rachael said, some people are never happy.

    Weigh all those who love and support you on one side of a balance, and those who discourage you on the other. I know which way it is going to tip. Also, the better someone knows you and the more they care for you, the more their opinion counts.

    So, one person on Etsy appears not to understand illness, then? So what! We love you! 🙂

  3. Don’t worry about any naysayers. I learned that 1 or 2 neg reviews aren’t going to break you or your business (even if things are dead, dog slow). That’s how we grow and overcome our adversities. I love you! I love the bears you make! I love that you’ve shared damned near everything about you, yourself, your family and your life with all of us!!

    It’s all of these things that make you the wonderful man you are TODAY!!!

  4. I dooo understand being backed up, which is why I didn’t leave a negative review on Etsy. That said, I also understand where the customer who left a negative message is coming from. Not being able to fill your orders is one thing, but not replying to messages is another. . I ordered and paid for bears in September, with the understanding they’d be shipped out before Christmas. I messaged you after Christmas, but got no response… I was pretty bummed out by that, actually, and I think most people would be.

  5. We all understand both sides as we probably have been on both sides, not being able to comply the order on time and not getting a thing one has ordered.

    Say “Schwamm drueber” (Sponge over – literally translated from German) and move on. Yes it hurts and you will do your very best that this will never happen again. Keeping every finger and toe crossed!

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