A Bear for Your Boo

Trying to sell 100 copies of my pattern by Monday morning to finish paying off my rent. Its an awfully easy pattern. Should take the experienced knitter about 5 hours to complete. The beginning knitter, probably a day or two, so there is plenty of time to knit your lovely a handmade teddy bear before Valentine’s Day. Later today, I’ll share photos of other bears people have made with this pattern. Leigh’s progress pics and finished bear is adorable! AND! I’m hoping to get some pics from Sandrine on her finished cutie! SO! Head over to Etsy and grab the pattern, make your darling a huggable bear made from your own hands!



  1. I haven’t ever been a knitter. I tried to learn a couple times but can’t grasp it. I do crochet so I think it’s just a matter of re-training my hands. Your story has inspired me to pick up the sticks and try it again!

  2. Since I already bought the pattern for your bear a few weeks ago, I shared the link to your Etsy shop on my FB page and encouraged all of my knitter friends to buy your pattern. Hope it helps!

  3. Well, it must have helped, because a friend of mine bought a pattern and THE BEAR that you had for sale!!!! I am so super duper excited!

  4. I did finish the bear over the weekend. I’ll send pictures later. But did you get my editing suggestions? As something is not adding up with the number of stitches.
    As I had no black yarn to stitch the nose/mouth I used white and now I call him Grandpa-bear …I even knitted a little shawl…;o)

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