Bring Out Your Bear

Been desperate to show you some of the pics of OTHER bears people have made with my pattern. This has been one of the coolest experiences in recent days, the pattern, very simple, very easy, being shown in everyone’s own artistic impression. And see? That’s been the beauty behind this bear. I made him my way for MY purposes. Now I’m seeing photos of people who made this bear for THEIR purposes. That’s why he’s always been “The Teddy Bear That Saved Me.” (Insert reason why he saved YOU here).

Sandrine’s bear reminded me so much of something Alpine, old fashioned, respective. I love this bear because I want to tell STORIES about this bear, I want to study this photo for hours and get a grip on his history. She calls him “Grandpa Bear…” and I never pressed the issue, never asked why she went that direction, but there’s a story there, a wonderful, beautiful story behind this grand old bear holding court over his audience. I keep thinking of “Berger Meister Meisterberger.”




Leigh’s bear was done in handspun wool, and what made her bear remarkable was this amazing little heart right in his middle. Leigh did an amazing job with this bear in colors that suited HER, with a heart in the middle that was distinctly HER. I’m sending Leigh an email shortly asking for some crazy high quality photos of her bears (yes! She’s making another!) to send me so you can all see the dedicated beauty she put in to the smile, the eyes, the soft hold of his arms.


Crafty Andy has tenderly reminded me that although I consider myself something of a Knittng Ninja, HE is still a samurai. I’ve seen his work all about the web and he is indeed an amazingly creative man with needles. I love his work, so you can imagine I was beyond humble when he snatched the pattern and made TWO bears awfully fast. I love his work. His bears are quietly reminiscent of mine own. Rural, rustic, woodsy…Cabins and fishing, gardens and fences made of knotty tree limbs….dandelions turned jewelry….fireflies handing light to dark nights to reveal humid nights in the woods cut by crickets creaking and laughter slinking around a burn pit.

Now, MY bear…..MY bear reminded me that I work too much, don’t spend enough time laughing and leaping when I do well. He helps me to giggle, my bear does. So, we spent Saturday playing croquet on the beach. It was frigid, it was freezing, it was cold and windy and we were bundled up whacking mallots in the sand. If you know anything about me, I love a good croquet game. We later came back, tossed some food inn the crockpot, played Dominoes, and watched a fun old “9 to 5” on television. It was a great weekend with my bear. Sunday morning I went back to work, and he went home. Tell me that handsome face wouldn’t have YOU distracted for a day or two.

If you’re a knitter, grab the pattern. It takes no time at all. 5 hours, maybe six, easily done up in a day. I still need to sell a solid 30 or so to pay my rent, so you see this teddy bear is still saving me. And when you’re done with your bear, send me the pics. I can’t wait to see how he has saved you. 🙂




  1. Thanks so much for the post! I loved it very much!! I’m very happy to know you’ve found a wonderful bear to share you and your life with. It’s wonderful to love someone and to have someone love you.

    I’ll be very happy to send pictures as I get the bears made. I’ve always loved teddy bears and I love bright colors just as much. I finished the magenta yarn, today, for bear number 2 and I’ve got an idea for #3 written on a note card and the yarn is in production, right now! xxxooo

  2. I do like your “weekend bear.” I’m glad you posted the photos of other bears…it is giving me the inspiration to get started on my own.

  3. Oh Grandpa Bear has the spotlight!! WOW!! Thank you so much. And yes Berger Meister has a great many stories to tell! He is the product of so many a thing. He came so naturally together that it’s a bit frightening to me now looking at him what he really represents to me. Or to you! Go ahead be inspired and write!!

    You gave me the creeps with you post about croquet! I’m currently rereading Alice in Wonderland and yesterday they where playing croquet with the Queen! Well as it seems your heads were off as well last weekend!! ;o)

    Oh I had a dream last night you had two nice little ladies sitting on your sofa (one of them was a golden girl) and they were helping you out with knitting the bears. You were playing host and showed your last creation to the crowd. A “She-Bear” with a lovely knitted swinging skirt that was dancing in your living room!

  4. Gregory, you should be writing more! Poetry, children’s literature, fables, short stories, whatever. Your ability to look at a teddy bear made by someone else and then write so eloquently about what you see is a rare ability. You have a gift with language, not just knitting. I can see kids’ books written by you with your bears as the characters and illustrations. Maybe other people’s bears could be characters too. You could take what you said in this post, and start a short story about each bear. You said yourself that you could look at the Grandpa bear and tell STORIES about him. So do it! Get a notebook and start a story-telling journal. (There is money in kids’ lit.)

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