Facing East

Finally, the first of March. I’ve been waiting for today for quite a while. There is no real REASON for my wanting its approach, I was just ready for the beginning of something, the fresh start of something, a way for at least the calendar to say, “Ahhh, let’s try this again, shall we?”

I have a fondness for sunrise. I may have blogged about this before, but I love getting up before the sun does. There’s something about the washing of the new day’s rays reminding me of a constant, daily tabula rasa. I sip my coffee and remind myself that yesterday is done, and that I cannot wait for what today may bring, what newness and joy I can find.

In regards to my last post, it was the first step in standing up, you see. It was my way of going, “Damn….DAMN. I really don’t LIKE that man. Am I screwed up because of him? Well, only if I let that be the case.” After all, that was yesterday. Today, I am my own man. So, thank you all for the great emails and comments of encouragement. And even to the one individual who wrote that he was tired of me whining, thank you for that, too. I don’t think of it as whining, really. Just….talking sometimes. I have boot straps, I’ll make it. Let me take a blog or two to sit back and go, “Shit….What happened?”

Spring will be coming soon. I LOVE spring. Cool nights and weathered trees come alive with a brightness. Do you see the theme I’m working with here? I love newness, rebirth, rejuvenation….life. Things will be changing for me, as well, this season. I’m brushing off things that held me back, as I face the east daily in a ritualistic moment each morning. I’ll be changing the lay out of the blog, venturing into new areas of learning, of crafting, exploring new techniques and building up brain cells. I want to really REALLY push hard to get a solid hand held camera so I can move about a bit, do podcasts that will explore this creative life of ours; how its been therapeutic for many, profitable for some, philanthropic for others.

I want to get into teaching not necessarily how to knit, but how to take your passion and bring it out, work with it, make it a business, feed yourself, comfort your family, take pride in your life by what you do with your hands. I think in financial times like these we forget we all have talents. Our uniqueness sits there waiting to be utilized.

If you take a peek over to the right you’ll see there’s a little badge for Lionbrand. They’ve been incredibly good to me over the last year, so if you’re in need of materials, pick them up at their website. And if for anything, to let them you know you support a company who values a little guy like me, who saw me hurting and said, “We have to help him.” They’re good people. And we southerners truly do value good people.

And finally, I was cleaning out my computer a little while ago and stumbled upon a picture I had taken of a tablecloth I made a year ago. When times were tough, before I started knitting teddy bears, my friend George, with nothing much of his own, would share his food with me, would spend time with me. I had this crazy huge ball of crochet thread and would spend my quiet time (no television, no radio, no sound at all) whisked away into my own thoughts working up the motifs, and finally, when the tablecloth was done, I gave it to George to say, “Thank you. Thank you for being good to me. When we finally have the money and the time for a good meal, I hope we’ll have it on this tablecloth.”

I’d like to get into making those again. I really did love it’s intricate, yet solid form….and it’s homage to the days of Sunday supper at your granny’s. If you like this blog, donate. If you can’t, no biggie. We’ll figure something out. If you want a teddy bear, contact me. I’ve got some I’m finishing up, but I can always use the extra work. And if you need materials, see the Lion. And if you’ve got the time, stay with me a while. I’m looking forward to taking all of us on some wonderful new adventures this spring.



  1. Superb post!! I wish you Godspeed on your daily adventures!!! I love sunrises & sunsets because they remind me the same as you, of a new day beginning, but I like the sunsets because they remind me it’s time to rest from the work of the day! Hugs and God’s blessings to you, hon!! πŸ˜€

  2. I am so glad to hear that you are on the path to being yourself again. There is new hope in the coming of spring, I totally agree with you! This is a inspritational speach to us all! Thank you for sharing it with us. That table cloth is just beautiful. I can imagine it gracing a Tea Table!
    Bright Blessings!
    Your friend

  3. Awesome Gregory, pleased to hear so much positivity in your blog. I think if we can start each day with positivity eventually something has to go right. We just have to keep focused on the good things in our lives, no matter how small. I am facing some big challenges with my family at the moment and am just trying to remain positive. Your tablecloth is just breathtakingly beautiful! Your enthusiasm is infectious and I so look forward to your blogs. Much love and hugs to you and Mario πŸ™‚

  4. This was an inspiring post! I love sunrises too, but I see sunsets a lot more often. That tablecloth is beautiful! I don’t think I would have the patience.

  5. So good to hear you turning around for the better, I don’t think you were whining either. It’s very therapeutic to get things like that out in the open air, where they can stop festering and blow away. I think if more people let those kinds of things out of their hearts, there’d be a lot less physical and mental illness in the world. And it’s obvious from this post how much good it really did you.

    I’m also feeling the newness of spring in my heart. (Even though the weather here has taken a turn for the wintry, after having been more like spring all winter.) This morning I heard a whole bunch of birds singing. It brought joy to my heart.

    I love the tablecloth too. I love crocheted motifs for their geometry and for the magical thing that happens when you put them together and all of a sudden the joinings and negative spaces create new motifs and shapes that you weren’t expecting. Did you invent the pattern? Would you sell it or share it?

    I’ve had a thought for awhile: would you be able to take a part-time job to supplement your crafting income, say waiting tables or bussing, or working in a bookshop a few hours a week? That might take some of the stress off your having to make all your money from the literal work of your hands. Just a thought…

    Hang in there! You’ve got lots of people rooting for you.

  6. You are an inspiration. I know some days it’s hard for you to feel inspirational but you do it. Personally I don’t think I could crochet such a beautiful table cloth. I wish I could. You really should put up more patterns while you wait to sell more bears. I know they are in you and must be just dying to get out. And it also seems many of your trusted followers are anxious to help. I wish I could at the moment but know that I certainly will when I can.

    I hope you have a fantastic March and that it’s more of a rebirth than you thought it would be. πŸ™‚

  7. What a totally beautiful tablecloth! When the darkness recedes, the light comes pouring in! I’m so glad to have found your blog and you and Mario, and want you to know my inner support is here for you every day. It’ll be exciting to see where your creative energy leads you next.

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