I Have an Idea!

So, I thought about it. I’d like have the book, “Will Knit For Food” finished and ready and out the door by this summer. It was suggested I start a kickstarter account. Now, I tried that last year and I had some amazing support, however, it wasn’t enough to fund the project, but I did meet some incredible people in the process. So, here’s what I was thinking I’d do. It dawned on me that my last book, “Mad Man Knitting” was on Kindle, but not everyone has a Kindle, and the printed version is (in my opinion) a little pricey. Hell, I can’t even afford to buy my own book if I wanted to. So, I thought I’d offer out the PDF version of the book to anyone who wants to read. Say, a donation of $5?

At this rate, I could EASILY have the sequel “Will Knit For Food” done in time for summer reading. Yay! I think that’s a pretty good idea! So! Here you go!

Download the PDF here!



  1. Neat idea indeed. And we, your friends, will not give away the PDF file so you would not lose sales.

    By the way have you heard about blurb.com ? It’s an online service from which you download a free software to build/edit your own book. Then upload the file and can order as many prints (from 1 to ??) for an acceptable price. A friend of mine tried it and got 3 copies that were of very good quality, all colour pages.

    I started creating a book there many months ago but I was set aback by the amount of editing required for a book with complex image and page layout. It will be ready eventually in a year or two LOL Don’t be afraid, the free software is easy to use, it’s just me who is too complex

  2. Yep, good start-up! Already in the last post I wanted to comment that a new kickstarter project might help you to get a little more sustainable funding.
    This time you might not only offer your bears but could offer access to your vlogs, other knitting advice, your books, your instructions, a chat with you, a blanket from you mum …etc … just brainstorming … even the name for the project came up to me: The bear that can save you!
    I am still very impressed by the kickstarter community and I have come in contact with amazing people. I really do wish that one day they’ll go international or maybe I’m opening a kickstarter in Europe … hehehehe

    1. You know? I think you’ve got me brainstorming. That’s all perfect. PERFECT. I think I’ll try again. And thank you, Sandrine. I often look towards the Cape and think of you often 🙂 Did you see that? I just waved in the direction of Portugal!

  3. I think you should try Kickstarter again. Just think of all the people you have been in contact with since you did it the last time. If you let all those people know about the new project, I bet you would get an even better response. It can’t hurt to try…right?

    I will be making a donation today so I can read your book. Take care of you!!!


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