A Promise.

I don’t know what happens next. With my shop on Etsy shut down, I’m wondering what to do now.

I’ll make it work. I’ll make it work for all of us. For ALL of us. I won’t let any of you down. I promise…..



  1. Why dont you set up a business page on facebook until you get back on your feet again. Then you can still sell your beautiful bears.

  2. A little off the subject, but today I was at the Dr.’s Office to see my Nurse Practicioner about the fever I’ve been running for almost a month. I brought along my knitting (as the wait is usually quite long). I happened to be working on “A Little Boy’s Bunny” when my NP came in. She asked what I was making and I showed her the pattern. She was completely ENCHANTED! I gave her your name and the name of your blog because she wants to order something from you. I hope it works out! I’ll be keeping you in my prayers! There has to be something out there for you!!!! *hugs*

  3. Do you have Kijiji where you are? It’s free classified ads. A friend of mine who knits things to sell advertises them on Kijiji and on Facebook, like Joanne suggested. She also had things for sale in a local yarn shop on commission. Have you tried any local arts/crafts galleries? Tourist places? Farmers’ markets? What about printing off some cute posters and posting them on public bulletin boards, in seniors’ homes, grocery stores, etc.? With a message something like, “Want to give your special child/grandchild a special stuffed friend? Don’t have the time or the skill?” Then hit them up with a description of your one-of-a-kind bears, bunnies, and so on. With a few of your great photos. Put your contact info on tear-off strips at the bottom. I don’t know about where you are, but around here, that’s how a lot of people advertise their goods and services. My roommate’s son raises guinea pigs, and he sold a lot of them through posters at convenience stores, and on Kijiji.

    Don’t worry, when God closes one door, it’s usually because there are better ones to open…

  4. P.S. You could advertise your bears as gifts for special occasions: Easter, high school graduation, college graduation, kindergarten graduation, as well as the usual birthdays and Christmas… That should bring in custom orders. Also, I think you should charge a bit extra for custom orders. (Maybe you do already. Just saying…)

  5. I am sorry to say you are a one trick pony. By that I mean you only have 2 knitting designs. Look at Barbara Prime at Fuzzy Thoughts. She is constantly designing new animals. She even sells them in book form. Knitters are always looking for some new thing from their favorite designers. It does not sound to me like you are stretching your imagination and knitting talent very far. It also sounds to me like you are looking for someone to bail you out instead of knitting and designing and creating on your own….

  6. You never post a critical comment. When one is looking for constant affirmation, one is going to be constantly disappointed in life.

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