Tilda Swinton Eats Boiled Peanuts.

It was an awfully good day. Ok, ok. Nothing tremendous happened. It was nice to feel a simplicity today. I had my knitting and a breeze and I went on about my business. This won’t be a long post, don’t worry. I just felt good today sitting with my needles and listening to my thoughts. Allowing some to surface. A 6 mile bike ride to the post office gave me some head time. If anyone on St. Simons Island saw a guy in a ballcap on a bike with a collection of teddy bears on his back and giggled, that was me. If you snapped a pic, I’d love to see it. It was HYSTERICAL looking, I imagine.

The slow ride home was filled with dreams. “I can’t wait to get back to work when I get home. Sit outside. Eat my black beans. Knit my bears.”

When I got home, I discovered my neighbor had donated to me a tomato plant in a nice big pot. Along side was some basil, dill, and oregano. I can’t wait to make caprese.

I often don’t hear of contemporary music often. I don’t listen to that sort of radio. But, I heard the Black Keys today and felt I couldn’t wait for boiled peanuts, me shirtless with a cowboy hat on the beach with a bonfire, maybe some friends, maybe a beer, maybe some bothersome bugs brought on by the mugginess, maybe some crickets screaming off out there somewhere wanting to sing along. Yes, I am a man who’d rather be half naked in the summer evenings than bundled up indoors shying away from the cold. 70 degrees is COLD for me. I love the south. I love our traditions. And I really can’t wait for boiled peanuts.

PS. When will I learn? Whenever I shave my beard I look like Twilda Swinton. Still, not bad for nearly 40.

Hoping you’re all well tonight.

I hear your prayers of hope.

We’ll all be fine.




  1. That’s okay, hon, Tilda Swinton is hot. Anybody who is just WHO THEY ARE is hot. You’re so lucky to be living on St. Simon’s. Beautiful place — I have a relative who used to live there before he moved back to Atlanta. My son has lived in Atlanta for nearly 20 years, and I realize Atlanta isn’t truly The South because it’s so cosmopolitan, but I pretty much love the South. You’re blessed. Enjoy that heat. And your beans. And your knitting. And your thinking. Doin’ great, kiddo.

    1. Thank you, Judy. I do appreciate that. šŸ™‚ Tilda Swinton isn’t a bad looking woman. I rather think she has that striking quality that people shy from. None of us in Georgia really view Atlanta (or as we call it, “A’lanna” the south. But, its there….GO DAWGS!

  2. I also love the heat, Gregory. I hibernate in the winter. Luckily, here in AZ, the winter isn’t very long. Hope you can come out and enjoy our dry oven summers some day. Glad you’re enjoying your space.

    1. I’ve always wanted to see the southwest. I want to brush up against a Joshua tree, lite a fire, and fall asleep under the stars; the big treeless rocks and mountains looking like giant playthings off in the corner.

  3. Fantastic post! What a nice neighbor to donate those plants to you! It’s been warmer than usual here, except for yesterday and today…it’s been windy and chilly. I can’t wait until it gets warm enough for me to don my summer “uniform” of a tank top and long skirt (or jeans if I’m hiking). I’ve never been to Georgia, but it does sound lovely šŸ™‚ Still sending prayers and love to you and Mario through the universe!

  4. What a lovely post Gregory! So nice to hear you at peace and just enjoying being you. I would have loved to see a picture of you and the bears…. would have been an awesome sight. We are having so much rain over on the gold coast of Australia that seriously I nearly need flippers or to build an arc! But no matter what the weather…. still good for knitting! Sending you happy vibes and prayers for you and the beautiful Mario. xxxxxxxxxxx šŸ™‚

  5. You know you’re doing better when you can laugh about things. I got a good chuckle reading this post, picturing you with a backload of teddy bears and hearing your comparison to Tilda Swinton. Maybe you could double for her in some movie???!! šŸ™‚

  6. thanks for sharing your today; it sounds like you are really taking care of you, and that makes the rest of us happy too. Like the picture too.
    Oh, by the way, we don’t have the ocean, but it has been in the 80’s in March in Michigan for 8 straight days. How’s that for an upside down streak of weather.
    You & Mario are in our hearts.

  7. My sister lived in Hotlanta for 20 ish years and loved it. Pass. :p The fam and I lived on Tybee Island above Pizza on Wheels for about two years. We figure if we ever hit the lottery we’re going back. Maybe not above Yan’s but we’ll be out there somewhere. Something about living on Tybee Time that becomes a bit addictive. šŸ˜‰ Savannah too was a calming place. Can’t say as though I liked St Patty’s Day much, as the traffic is once again outrageous and people end up backed over by a drunk in a small pickup in your parking lot (yes, literally a girl and her boyfriend backed over and on the ground …also drunk and lived). Orange Crush week, just as bad. Otherwise quite pleasant šŸ˜€

    1. You know whats REALLY ridiculous? I have heard people say, “OH, we’re headed to Atlanta this weekend. We need to get out of town.” “Why’s that,” I ask? “Its Orange Crush.” Yeah. You can sense that sort of separation here.
      I never liked Tybee. I don’t know why. It always seemed so….touristy? And I never found much there. Its like people would ask me, “You wanna go party in Charleston this weekend?” Why on earth would I do that? I live in Savannah. Or, “wanna go to the beach? To Tybee?” Good God, no. Its so farrrrrrr!!!! LOL!
      Thank you for the awesome comments Keisha. And the only reason I was able to enjoy St. Pat’s is because I lived on the corner of Bull and Liberty. I had no need for a car and my apartment was in the middle of everything. Actually, last St. Pat’s I was there, I came down from my apt, out the building (*I was the only tenant, mind you) and on the stoop were 10 people. One guy says to me, “Hey, man! Get your own spot!” I said, “OK!” I pulled out my keys, opened the door, with surprised looks coming at me (you know, the kind that have to pee NOW) said, “Sucker!” And went up to my terrace to watch the disastrous fun down below.”
      God I miss my old life.

  8. Glad to hear you’re doing well! As a newly transported Yankee, I’m loving the South and it’s traditions. Living in TN is the first time I’ve felt like I was home in too long to remember. Heck I even ate grits at the waffle house this year…lol.

  9. St. Simon Island does sound nice. The simpler life also sounds great too. It sounds like you’re doing better. I’m struggling to get started on the tallit for my step-son. I’m using a chart for the first time so it is going slow going. I have to turn off the tv and concentrate, plus I really want to be praying as I work on. We miss you in Orlando. Take care, Cindi

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