A World Without Webs

Finally, I’m back online after what seemed like an eternity.
Did I miss anything?
Without the web I actually found some kind of peace. Odd, isn’t it? This little laptop and my connection to the greater world is my only source of income. Let me rephrase that. It is my only source of FINANCIAL income. Without the internet for the last week and more I was benefited a silence, a return to the work itself, to the knitting of bears while Japanese pipe music played in the background. It relaxes me.

With no ear bent towards gossip, with no idea what was happening to the lands beyond the great blue, I was isolated and left to tend to my thoughts, my moments, and doing my best to allow one not to supercede the other. While my hands were knitting surely, slowly, and with a methodic rhythm, my mind was still and devouring the simple hint of a bird’s chirp over there, or the soft gulp of a wave as it gobbled up some of the shore. Wind went whirling through the trees, breezes bent reeds in the marsh and had them bow, the tugging turn of their resilience forcing them back upright, ready for another moment to curtsy to the muddy soil that keeps it alive.
So, the world went by without me, even though I was firmly attached to it the whole while. I did mind the lack of internet the first few days, but after that, I didn’t seem to really think of it. “How am I going to sell some teddy bears and make some money?” And that little part of the mind that seems to know more than you do quietly said, “Do the work in quiet for a while….Do everything in quiet for a while.”
I thought I’d share some photographs with you of the little room I rent with its simple hot plate for me to cook dinner on, and the one tomato I wish would hurry up and grow up.



You can also see a little shot of where I work. This desk that has my bears and books sorted all over it. A cup of tea to the left and a stack of Everyday Food Magazines I got at the thrift store for 50cents. There’s also a great shot of the cat I’m working named “Lynks” for Melissa.










I started a campaign on indiegogo.com to help raise the funds to keep the bears going, to raise the capital to finish writing “Will Knit for Food,” and to help cover some of my expenses while I sort out this interesting life of mine and get back on track.
Furthermore, I have missed talking to all of you and hope you’re well. I’m reading an inbox that has 150 email messages in it. None of it spam, much of it from you.
OH! And my mother, retired and on a fixed income said she couldn’t help financially, but could spend some of her free time to crochet blankets, hand them to me so that I could sell them for extra money. So, if anyone would like it, or if you know of anyone who would, you can get it here directly.
Happy Sunday, everyone. Its going to be a beautiful day, and do you know why? Because I said so. πŸ™‚

To buy the blanket my mom donated, click any of the photos and you’ll be taken to Paypal. There’s only one!

Its made up in a sea shell stitch, about 5 foot long and 3 foot wide in washable acrylic.



  1. Oh, wow. I’ve wondered every day “Where’s Gregory? Is he okay?” And then I’ve self-centeredly gone about the business of living and neglected to even send you a note. I can see from reading your post above that everything came together in exactly the intended order, and that your enforced QUIET has been a much-needed part of your healing. Silence can be such a wonderful friend …. however, our culture has come to fear it, and thus AVOID it at all costs. I love your cozy living space, your bears in progress, your ordered life (not monk-like, just …. spare and full of healthy breathing). Your mom’s blanket is absolutely beautiful. I can only imagine its softness and the care that went into its construction.

    Have a fabulously sunny day, Gregory, and hug yourself for me while you’re at it!!

    1. It is a quiet little spot. Its big enough for Mario and I not to trip on each other and I have just enough sunlight behind us for that tomato plant. I do love my mom’s blanket, glad she was able to offer that much to help me out, and found it funny that she’d call me up to ask, “So, how do I do this stitch again?” LOL!

  2. Good morning Gregory! Been missing you, but feeling connected , as I’m working my way through putting my first bear together, sitting in front of the screen, following your directions one at a time. I NEVER would have figured this out alone. Thank you for patiently offering me one step at a time. You’re great.
    Your space looks just right, and yes, the enforced time of quietness I’m sure is part of your healing.
    Enjoy your day, my friend.

  3. I’ve been wondering how you’ve been! I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well! I agree with Judy, silence is a wonderful thing and I’m sure it’s been an integral part to your healing. Might I add that the cat you’re making is ADORABLE! I would love to buy that pattern from you when you get it done! Glad you and the wee kitty are doing well! Hugs to you both!

  4. Good to hear from you again. Your comment about the tomato plant you wish would ‘hurry up and grow’ made me smile. Isn’t that often how we are? Hurry for this, rush into that. Everything is beautiful, in its TIME. πŸ˜‰

    I reflect on the things you have said about quiet and, in a sense, the need to retreat. I have recently joined the ranks of the unemployed and, whilst we are not on the breadline, we are feeling the pinch and thus the temptation for me to run full tilt at every possible option is there. However, I sense that I need a little time to retreat and regroup. To connect with that ‘still, small voice’ and find out what is truly necessary here, what is the best way – not just any old way – forward.

    In other news, a friend of mine recently started a FB group, almost by accident. She now has over 300 people knitting squares to be sewn into blankets for a homelessness charity. So many people – myself included – have picked up their needles for the first time in ages. In some cases, for the first time ever! I am also on the final straight in the crochet cushion cover I am making. There is certainly something meditative about the rhythm of creating with needles. Love it!

    Every blessing to you and those you love (feline, human and otherwise!) πŸ™‚

  5. Glad to see this message today and love the photos. I agree with Rachael…would buy the cat pattern when it’s available.

    1. I think its a simple enough pattern, but, if I may, Melissa asked me to knit this up because her cat Lynks recently passed and wondered if I might knit up a cat in honor of him. I’ve undone it, redone it, trial and error over and over….If I do a cat pattern, it’ll be in honor of Mario. And it just might read, “Take a skien of black yarn, doesn’t matter what kind…..toss it on the floor. DONE!”

  6. What a beautiful post, your write in such a way that in my mind I can picture where you are and it is truly calming and peaceful. I love your tomato plant, I grow veges too. Your Mothers blanket is just so beautiful and how cool she rings you for help! Love the cat you are working on. Big hugs to you and Mario. xxxx

    1. I may not wait for it to ripen, you know. I could easily pull of some fried green tomatoes. πŸ™‚ the little bugger of a tomato may not last til Easter! And he just might be my Easter dinner!

  7. Gregory,
    I ordered your pattern when you first offered it. I said I’d never worked with DPN’s. You encouraged me to just try and said it was easier than it looked. Well I put it off. Then this past weekend I decided I needed to be as positive and determined as you are. It was not hard at all! I’m almost finished with my second bear. My 3 yr old grandson watched my progress and before the bear had arms and legs he wanted it! Thank-you so much for sharing this pattern. Did you design the pattern? Anyway, I just wanted to thank you! Love reading your blogs too. And I agree with the other post, I might not have been able to put it together without the videos!

    1. YAY! You see???? DPN’s aren’t any difficulty really. Put them in your lap so they’re not flying all over the place to get the project started and you do just fine. I can’t wait to see pics of your bears. Yes, I did design the pattern, borrowing from the Japanese amigurami crochet technique. If you can learn to make shapes, you can make anything. I’m fun in the videos, don’t you think? I think with the right shirt and some really good lighting, people to engage with and BAM! We could easily have me nestled up next to the midday line up on TV!

      1. I like to call DPN’S Double Pointed Needles of Death (can’t take credit for it, that’s what Crazy Aunt Purl calls them) because they really and truly look like a medieval torture device!

  8. Every weekend I take a leave of absence from the internet. It’s wonderful it’s fabulous, life is so much without the net … but come Monday I am eager to know what happened, again LOL

    End of May I’ll finally leave this island and head back to home, Luxemburg. Which means I’ll be back to “civilized” world and a functioning post office system. This well be good for you too as I can send you yarn, my family has a lot of left overs which I’ll go and scarp up for you!

    I knitted my Fuffi a sweater do get over the first chilly winds back home! I’ll send it via email

    Hug You

    1. Awwwww, aren’t you a touch sad to leave your own island? I’m oftened reminded of the kind graces you offered me in Portuguese. It’ll be nice now to know you’re a 1,000 miles closer than you were before.

      1. Well, living the life of an expatriate makes you first of all appreciate your roots (well it did for me) and it helps you understand that after all you are only a passerby or guest in the country you work in and that at one stage you’ll be heading back home or further on. After 4 years I’m glad to get back home. Some things I’ll surely miss and will have “saudades” off but hey those are the sweet memories you’ll think off in senior home while talking to the nurse: “The time I lived in the backwoods in Vietnam …” ” My dear, you call that a tuna steak … I can tell you off the most juicy tuna steak there is … a little restaurant right on the beach of Praia Baixo … ”
        Sounds wonderful to me !!

  9. The serenity you’re experiencing comes through in your post. Your second paragraph is pure poetry, and makes me say again, you should be writing these observations of your world up in verse. It wouldn’t take much to turn that paragraph into a poem. “The soft gulp of a wave” – what a gift you have with language. Your little world looks sunny and cozy. Glad to hear that you’re listening to that “still, small voice” within.

    1. Can you imagine what that book of mine will read like when its finished? Thank you for taking notice of my words. Being a knitter is one thing I’m awfully proud of, but I’ve always felt I was first a writer. (and yes, Japanese flute music does that to me πŸ™‚ )

      1. I’ve been a knitter since I was 7, but a reader since I was 5, and I have a BIG love of language. It led me to learn two languages other than English, and to travel all over Europe. But I keep coming back to the needles too. Maybe you’re my younger twin??? πŸ™‚ So yes, I always notice your words. I can’t help but. They jump off the screen and whomp me between the eyes. So keep going with the books, and plan another one to publish the essence of these blogs too – all the paragraphs of pure poetry, independent of any story line. With some illustrations hand knitted by you. Then start on the line of children’s adventure books, with your bears as the characters. Each bear could go through a life challenge like you did, and you can provide the child readers with some encouragement and modelling to help them go through their own life challenges. I’ll help you edit if you send me a draft…

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