Well. Seems the power cord on my laptop decided to die on me. No laptop.

Seems Etsy has decided I wasn’t going to be allowed back. One customer who didn’t get their bears on time was all it took. My account has been deleted for good.

I’m using a public computer to write this blog.

I didn’t raise the funds to work on “Will Knit For Food.”

Maybe sometimes you have to crash and burn before you can rise up and claim yourself again.

How many times am I going to have to crash and burn?

I love hearing stories of successful people who have said, “It took me 100 tries before I won.”

I guess, and I’m hoping that I’m at 99 right now. God knows, I’ve had more than enough tries.

I think, but I’m not sure, that the funds raised from indiegogo will be released to me within a week.

If not, well the $8 in my account had better stretch far. If so, then I’ll have a little time to figure out what to do next.

It wasn’t supposed to come to this.

In a world where men decide to dispose of honor in search of a successful living, I’ve decided to do both simultaneously. It’s a path I never thought would be so difficult.

With the funds, should they arrive, are to finally clear up the postage bill that will send the last of my teddy bears to their new homes.

After that? Maybe I’ve knit my last bear….

Not sure when I can blog again.

Should I get the funds, I’m going to see if I can buy a new powercord and hope that brings my laptop back to life. If it doesn’t?

Not sure….




  1. Whatever you do, please do not compromise your values. They are what make you stand out, what make you special and, God willing, will eventually ensure you succeed. Hugs.

  2. Gregory,
    What kind of power cord do you need? I would love to buy you a new one. Email me: lizmartin00 at hotmail dot com

  3. Hang in there,Gregory, and like Dith said, don’t compromise your values. Riches and social station come and go, but in the long run, we have to live with our consciences. I lost everything except my cat and my computer 7 years ago because I refused to compromise, and God has built me back up slowly but surely. It wasn’t all straight uphill either. There were ups and downs of mountain ranges and valleys to cross.

    If some of your other customers contacted Etsy on your behalf, to lodge a complaint about their decision, might that have any effect? Nothing like public pressure to create change…

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