I have my powercord. My laptop is charged, thank God. I don’t have much time because I have a gazillion emails in my inbox and 118 unapproved comments to tend to. And I REALLY want to tend to them. I’ve sent an email to Etsy (my contact was Kaitlin) explaining that I didn’t think the closure was fair. Not at all. So, while I’m answering emails, responding to comments I’ll offer over my contacts email address at Etsy if anyone (and I hope all of you!) will contact Kaitlin and offer that I am a real person, this isn’t a joke, and that my account means bread and butter, life and death, survival and destruction to me. To make it cohesive, I think the subject should read “ATTN: Kaitlin-Gregory Patrick Deactivated.”

I’ll be back on again this evening. So much to talk about, so little time.

And we have a business to get up and running again.

I feel a power running through me. I have supporters, I have tenacity.




  1. OK, Gregory, I just did it. Sent it to the email address at the bottom of your post. Would you like me to send you a copy? I didn’t do that automatically, since your inbox is so full.

    1. Here’s what I sent, Sweetie-Boy …

      Kaitlin, I’m writing to you on behalf of Gregory Patrick, a dear friend of mine. It’s SO vital that his Etsy account be restored, and it’s vitally important that you understand he’s a real person, this isn’t a joke, and his account means bread and butter, life and death, and the difference between survival and destruction to him. Gregory has made an increasingly beautiful life for himself, against ALL odds, and it means everything to his friends that he get a fair shake and an opportunity to continue to thrive. Please do everything in your power to see that his account is restored and set right.

      Thank you so much …
      Judy L. Smith
      Where words fail, music speaks.

  2. This is the message I left Gregory. I hope it works!
    “I am a friend of Gregory Patrick. I KNOW for a fact that he uses his Etsy account to make and sell his hand knit products, in order to pay for rent and food. Why was his account deactivated? Please re-activate his account so that he can keep on making his hand knit items and selling them! Thanks!”

  3. I sent a message as well. I BCC’ed you!! I do really hope it’ll work because come on just one little slip and you are out??? Seriously ….

    Hug you … am in packing frenzy … in 39 days I’m back to my home base but next week I’ll give up the appartment and move in with friends.

  4. Done Gregory! Keep your tenacity going and your light shining, we’re behind you. Here’s a copy of my note.

    Dear Kaitlin,

    My name is Allison McDonough Lascelle. I am a fan of Gregory Patrick’s blog and of his teddy bears, of which I have one. And I’d love to order plenty more. Gregory is a real person, and the reason I am a fan of his blog is because he inspires me. He has dealt with and continues to deal with difficult challenges, yet he never gives up! I suppose he could go get another job as a barista or a cashier or something, but he has specific gifts, and those are making his adorable teddy bears, infusing them with love, and writing about his life. I want to see him be able to continue with his art, which is more than an expression from his soul, his art is his gift to the world. To say his etsy account is life and death is not being dramatic. His etsy account is truly his means of survival. Please let Gregory continue to create his art and his life. His story will continue to inspire so many about overcoming their obstacles. But he needs his etsy shop to do this. Please consider restoring it immediately. Thank you.

    Allison McDonough Lascelle

  5. Gregory, after I commented, I was reminded of this quote by Ayn Rand, which is perfect for you now. Enjoy.

    Do not let your fire go out
    spark by irreplaceable spark
    in the hopeless swamps of the not quite
    the not yet
    and the not al all

    do not let the hero in your soul perish

    and leave only frustration for the life you deserved
    but never have been able to reach

    the world you desire can be won
    it exists
    it is real
    it is possible
    it is yours.

    1. I received a form response from a Ryan. I’m assuming that’s their initial action to let one know that they’ve received the feedback, and then they’ll forward it to the appropriate person. From all the comments here, I hope they’re getting deluged!!

      1. I also received a form letter from Kaitlyn. It explains how she can’t discuss another person’s account with me for privacy reasons and if I have any other question, feel free to contact her. Yah right!!!

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