A Very Courageous Bear

Many months ago I did a custom bear for a friend in England who was ill. The bear was made with this lovely pumpkin acrylic so he could be handled roughly, then tossed in the wash for a bath. While I was working up his face, I was thinking an awful lot about the woman so far away who would be receiving this bear. She needed bravery and courage around her, as she fought off on illness that could at some point turn terminal. And as I worked up the little bear’s face, I saw some expression of strength sparkling in his eyes. With a stoic, but sincere face that was so subtle, he looked like a bear ready to fight off the monsters under the bed as you slept, growled away discomforting foes that approached while you were busy, and stood by your side at the ready. I needed that same feeling to rise again within me. So, I worked up another one of these soldier bears so I could remember once more, that guardians come in all shapes and sizes.

He’s in my NEW shop for the moment. I’m still working things out with Etsy and I can’t tell you how much of a difference your letters to them have helped. They definately took notice and contacted me promptly. In the meantime, I still need my income from teddy bears so I’ve started posting them on BIGCARTEL.

In other news? My one little tomato has finally  turned red. Yay!

UPDATE! The little orange bear has now been sold. He’ll be headed to his new home tomorrow. 🙂 BUT! THERE IS ANOTHER READY TO GO IN MY SHOP!



  1. Enjoy that tomato, sweetie, and YAY for the new shop!! I love your Punkin’ Bear story — we ALL need someone in our corner whose eyes sparkle for us. What a great bear — I could easily find myself with an entire open-ended zoo of your creations if I’m not careful, and as you know, I DON’T KNIT! Love you and hope all’s well.

  2. What a cute bear! I’m glad that he’s on his way to his new home and that you have found somewhere to sell your bears until your etsy shop is up and running! I have been knitting up bears (from your pattern, of course) for the many children in my life (MUCH younger cousins, siblings, nephews, my own child etc….) and I’ve found that my bears are cute, but not nearly as cute as yours. This is why you are the master and I’m just the apprentice! Hope you and Mario are doing well!

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