Purdi Bears :)

Tonight, on this lovely warm evening on the island, I’m carefully squeezing that one red tomato. He’s not quite ready, but I already have another 8 little green ones quietly sprouting out the size of small marbles all over the top of the plant, and more blooms already popping out. I do think this tomato plant is going to be amazing. I’m doing all sorts of truly natural ways of growing it, despite the offer from people in this building who offer Bloom Guard and Miracle Gro. “Nah,” I tell them. “I rather like the idea that years and years ago, the pioneers didn’t have that luxury….and they still had tomatoes.” So, I use coffee grounds, egg shells, I pluck off the sucker leaves down below, and rub my fingers across each and every bloom to help them cross pollinate.

I’m not accustomed to bad mouthing people on the internet. I don’t think it suits me. But, I am finding it interesting that more gay people than straight find a man who knits laughable, or to be dismissed. Yeah. Odd, isn’t it? But, apparently in the gay community there is such a need for stereotypes to be held up strong, that a guy who knits is considered a detriment to the “cause of making us more acceptable. It feeds the stereotype that we aren’t real men.” Can you believe that? I don’t have any gay friends, and probably because I never really care for superficial aesthetics. I like character. Genuine character. So, gay men find me ludicrous. Straight men find me a lot of fun. Maybe because I don’t take too much of anything seriously. When it comes down to it, I’m one of the fellas. I can have a whiskey and a rough beard (YEAH! THE BEARD IS BACK!) And I’d rather be caught with my dirty knees, my ballcap, my boots, my distaste for decorating (only because its forced, never does it sort of just happen), and my sense of the honor code. If you’re my pal, then you know I won’t fail you. Just thought I’d say something about that.  With all of their bears, otters, twinks, and muscle daddies, it seems they haven’t find personalities of their own yet. They’re hiding behind adopted personalities. So sad. So sad.

Which brings me to another thing I’d like to hit on. This blog is getting more and more attention as the days move on. I’m thankful for that. And I love reading all the comments. I often don’t have time to respond to each one, but I’d like to take a few sentences for a few shout outs. Judy, Traci D (I still love you, dear), Leila, Leigh D., Melissa, Sandrine, and especially Rica all have done a great service by becoming my “internet moms.” 🙂 You keep me feeling warm, delighted, and filled with great hope.

Now, on the flip side, I’d like to say, to anyone who wishes to come here and make nasty comments, I’ll allow it. On one condition: leave your photograph and contact information, with full name included. I won’t allow you to come onto MY territory and be nasty and let you hide behind a screen name. Don’t forget who you’re dealing with here. I’m a nice guy, an incredibly hopeful guy, who sees the good in people. But, I’ve gone hungry, I’ve gone homeless and I had to find a strength in me to survive while the rest of the world judged me. So, I’m a fearless fighter. I truly don’t care about the bad things you have to say about me. But, in regards to my supporters and the people I care for? Off limits. In other words? Don’t fuck with me, and keep your hands off my supporters. I promise, I’ll take you down. These are some good people who come here to spend time with me. Many of them are probably too kind natured to mind. So, I mind for them. I won’t let you take the ladies who read this blog and bad mouth them.

Now, we can proceed.

Rachael Pudi has made some amazing bears off my pattern. And even the rabbit! She had said she was making TONS of them for so many people under the sun and so I begged her for a picture. Isn’t that awesome? See? She’s doing an AWESOME job! One simple pattern and one skien of Fisherman’s Wool and bears are EVERYWHERE! I LOVE this photograph. Look! Isn’t that amazing???? If you’re a knitter, you can get my pattern here and make tons of bears for your loved ones. Rachael has been a great supporter and I’m happy to see that her bears are bringing smiles to so many faces.

And don’t forget, I have my new shop here at BIGCARTEL. So, the volume isn’t as heavy as Etsy. But, until I finish up my dealings with Etsy, I’m happy with the relationship with BIGCARTEL. (And yes, I DO want to get back to Etsy soon).

Send me pics of your bears! I love to see them!

Have a great Sunday everyone. I’ll be sleeping tonight dreaming of bears, the beach, and a lovely tomato ready to have for lunch in a day or two.



  1. Awwww! I feel so honored! I like the clever miss-spelling of my last name too 😀 I just love the pattern for your bears!

  2. Wow, Rachael has made some beautiful bears! I am going to make one for my first grandbaby that is arriving in October. I think everyone should have a teddy bear. I still have my original one. She is looking a bit tattered but is still is as beautiful to me as the first day I got her. She has been through alot with me! And don’t worry about stupid, ignorant people with their stupid ignorant comments, they obviously must have boring lives if they have to pick on other people and it is such a waste of energy to worry about them. Love and hugs to you and Mario xxxxxx

  3. Think of you persistence at knitting as your strongest statement against the detractors. Don’t think of k1p1 as knit one purl one but rather kuiet/quiet one prejudiced one.

  4. I think you are even stronger than you realize my friend! Keeping you in my prayers! [And after seeing Rachael’s bears, I’ve got to get busy making some, I think I’ve procrastinated long enough! Love the pattern!]

  5. I’m SO proud of Rachael and her bears — they’re beyond amazing all together like that — and incredibly grateful to her for introducing me to your blog and YOU. And let me just say … stereotypes of any kind are a nuisance — they get in the way of real life. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you to just keep right on being you, ’cause you’re going to do that no matter what. The first man I ever knew of who did needlework was my little sister’s best friend’s dad — he was a heavy-machinery mechanic and he knitted and crocheted after work to relax and keep his fingers nimble. And are you too young to know who Rosie Greer is and what he did? He played football for Penn State, then the NY Giants, and then became one of the Fearsome Foursome for the Rams. His drugs of choice were macrame and needlepoint. Big guy. Very cool guy. Tell your goofy gay detractors to go suck rocks. Love ya’, baby, and I’m so glad you’ll be savoring that tomato (and MORE) very soon!!

  6. I think any man who knits (straight or gay) is sexy! And good for you for not giving in to their stereotypical pressure, be who you are and ppl will love you. If they don’t, they’re not worth the time. My hubby took up knitting for me, or as he puts it in self defense so we don’t drown in yarn, and I love him for it. If a gay man doesn’t find it a plus then he is short sighted and not looking at the bigger picture. To blame his stupidity on some ideal of what he thinks gay men should me like and what is good for the cause is actually hurting his own argument. He should be rallying against close minded ppl, not strive to become one. It reminds me of a few bad apples that I met while living in San Fran. They refused to associate with “breeders” because we are icky and hurt their credibility, what rubbish.

  7. I’m sad the gay guys aren’t celebrating you. How lame. Also – have you thought about putting your PayPal “Donate” button in a sidebar widget? That way we can always find it when we want to help out. Just a thought. xoxo

  8. Well you know there so many queer and weird people out there … and I mean all types and all sorts nothing to do with sexual preferences.
    Let me tell you that I learned to knit (although my mum showed me the first steps) from a construction worker who was renovating our house. Once he saw me struggle with my needles as I had knit the yarn so tight, I think he heard it squeaking! So he helped me out. I was so in awe, I vividly remember him holding my knitting in his huge cement speckled hands.
    Unfortunately even with all the “globalization and e”man”cipation” going on, the stereotyping will never be abolished. People love to diss what they think weird in other persons than there own.

    Btw here’s another knitting man’s blog I love to read… you might like it too : http://the-panopticon.blogspot.com/

    Now a Monty Phyton twist … I am blessed to me called a Mummy! Thank you my boy, I love you to ;o)!!

    Oh and I just moved in with my gay friends who will give me shelter for my last month spent on the island. They both laughed at me, when yesterday evening while watching TV, I took out my knitting … *grin*

    1. THAT man is heroic. See? I love guys like that. Its a talent. A craft. And in these strange southern states there was a time where a man who cooked was seen as a sissy…..Then their wives died and they had to take care of themselves. Odd, isn’t it. That being able to make, create, tend to yourself for some reason is considered feminine. AND I’M GAY! Which is the WEIRD part! Can’t wait for you to be back in Luxembourg! I can’t wait to send postcards! 🙂

  9. Hey there,

    Just keep on keeping on, mate. We still love you. The people who look beyond the surface always will.

    Dith x

  10. Another group of men, larger in old times than now, who usually knit are shepherds. At least in Europe.

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