Brought To You By Darkness

Desmonia Darkness sent me a photo of her bear today. I love those eyes! Its awesome when I get these pics. I love the clever and artistic nuance people give to my pattern. And no two bears look the same. It encourages me when people take my simple pattern and give it their personal touch, because you get to see someone’s personality shine when they make up their bear. They all have stories. You can see it in the eyes. So, keep them coming!

I had this interesting moment on the beach earlier today. I was compelled to head up there on the bike for no reason than its comfort, its endless, constant comfort. It never ceases. There are few surprises. And I have many things in my life that need drastic change.ย  And I’ve had enough surprises for a while.

I stick out like a sore thumb on the beach. Hell, who am I kidding? I stick out most anywhere I go. I don’t have shorts, and you’re all aware of how I have just my boots, and so, there I was on the beach early this morning with my boots to the side, and my jeans rolled up to my knees. I was watching some seagulls, hundreds of them tear apart a few young turtles that hadn’t made their way to escape. And this is where weird things click. I was reminded of a song by The Creatures. This is why I always loved Siouxsie. Her lyrics are always so damned great that 4 years ago I had no choice but to write a book of short stories based on her lyrics. And the lyrics to this one song, “Venus Sands.” Just shot close to home while I saw nature’s murderous scene unravel.

“Down on the flats baby turtles race for safety of the big deep,and white caps come crashing in, indifferent to tender flesh.Shriek of attack! Then moving in! A raucous clash! A thunderous Wail! Of cruel gull beaks and tearing skin SCREAMING.”

Nature takes drastic steps to keep life moving.

I get it now. Drastic steps to keep life moving….






  1. Life is hard, mean and cruel. And sweet, generous and fabulous. It’s a tightrope every day!! I hope your week will be more fabulous than cruel, darlin’.

  2. Life is far from being a lollipop but slurp by slurp we’ll dig into the flavour and try to enjoy it!
    Happy slurping into the more drastic flavours!!!

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