A Return To The Classic

When I started this venture a year ago, it started with one teddy bear. I’ve done nearly 400 bears by now, and loved trying new ones, new expressions, new variations of the design, new personalities to shine based on what was happening in my life at the time I was knitting these little guys up. But, a few days I was on the beach thinking (see prior post) and thought long and hard about some things that needed to change. Its interesting when people tell you to think progressively, go big, go strong, evolve. There is a lot of valid truth in this, but I think that only comes when someone is ready. I’m only as ready for growth and progression as far as my roots will stay in the soil. If my roots are damaged, hurt, improperly set, then I’ll not go anywhere. After a year of 400 bears, a little glimpse of them on the Martha Stewart show, a great relationship with Lionbrand casting me a life saver as I was drowning, and hundreds of blog followers coming to aid me with compassion and conversation, I realized I had to go back to my roots. It was one simple idea that got me out off the streets. A simple teddy bear.

So, I’ve decided to head back to the beginning, the purity of what I had started, to recapture it in my own mind, my own life story, so that I could set my roots right, set a solid foundation and THEN and only AFTER I’ve embraced where I came from, what happened over the last year, would  I be allowed to bloom, flourish, and be bountiful.

Here is my return to my original classic bear, the one that saved me from poverty and demise. And I’ll return back to the words I originally wrote to describe him.

“I have hope, I have faith, and I am convinced that during our darkest of moments, we’re able to remember that life and happiness cannot be shredded by something as ridiculous as poverty. This bear reminds me of so many philosophies along those same lines. The teddy bear looks like it was handcrafted by someone caring for a boy who doesn’t know he’s poor (unless someone tells him). It looks like the kind of teddy bear that a boy alone on a farm clings to for companionship and love, uncaring of his imperfections and strange stitching. If we consider this crafting of knitting an art form, which it surely can be, then I’m watching my own particular art form turn into a lost version of Americana’s Folk roots in rural life. And if that’s the case, then this little teddy bear is definitely a portrait of a poor boy alone on a farm…. holding on tight to hope….”

He’s in my new shop. And I’ll be doing quite a few of them before I do some new and interesting designs. I want to go back to the past for a minute, back to the spark that set me into survival mode, back to the teddy bear that saved me.



  1. Beautiful post, Gregory. You’re very wise — you can’t go wrong heading back to your roots — your foundation. It’ll stand you in good stead, as it did before. So proud of you …

  2. I have just recently started to follow your blog and I love your stories of dedication and hope. As a male knitter I also love the work you do on your bears. You are real inspiration to many. I have just started an online webstore/blog and would love to assist you somehow with linking you to my site or featuring you for a blog. Let me know! Hope to hear form you and I look forward to reading more

    aka The Knitting Dude

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