I Know Why Margot Kidder Went Crazy

A couple of years back Margot Kidder (of Superman fame) was found in her neighborhood looking hysterical, head half shaved and scrounging through the bushes. Apparently, she flipped out. She was writing her memoirs on her computer and was nearly finished when a virus struck, deleting page after page in front of her.

My laptop officially died Monday night. I heard a grinding, a click, a sick sort of sputter and the screen went quiet. I turned it back on to find a flashing question mark. With some googling I discovered that the cause is a hard drive that has decided to die. I’m not surprised. My laptop was about 7 or 8 years old. Now, I THINK I initially felt sick to my stomach and wanted to scream and yell and say, “NO! NO! I DON’T NEED THIS RIGHT NOW! I CAN’T TAKE TOO MUCH MORE OF THESE BLOWS!”

….but, I laughed instead. I swear to you I did. It started with a simple chuckle that slowly built into a roar. Of course my laptop would die! That’s how my luck has been this last year! OF COURSE IT WOULD! So, 7 years of music and photos and writing gone. The truly awful thing? All the work I was doing on “Will Knit For Food” now has to be rewritten. I’ve bought one of those inexpensive composition books and will start doing it by hand. The demise of my laptop was again just another one of those setbacks that make me go, “You’re not stopping me from surviving. You’re just slowing me down and aggravating me.”

My mother will be letting me pop over to her place when its available so I can check emails. I’m trying to hit over here everyday, but its often not feasible. Who knows, maybe I’ll raise enough money in a couple of months to buy another laptop. God knows I won’t be able to afford another Mac for sometime, but at least I hope to scrounge together the funds to buy just a simple thing to keep this life of mine flowing.

And speaking of. I worked up a Panda bear with some left over Creme and Nature’s Brown Fisherman’s wool from Lionbrand. Ok, ok, so he’s not the usual black and white bear, but I truly do think he came out adorable.

He’s in my shop!

Pray these tides will finally turn and I get some REALLY good luck soon.



  1. Honey, I love that bear! And I love that your gut reaction was to LAUGH!! That’s right, laugh in the face of adversity, it’s the only way to go! All this ridiculous crash&burn that keeps happening to you just tells me FABULOSITY is right around the corner. I mean, after about so much of it, things can only go NORTH, right?? Hugs to you today … and sympathy … and crossed fingers. I’m so proud of you, I cannot tell you.

  2. Actually I have my “old” macbook and my current ebook which I’ll be willing to give away as of next month when I’m back to Europe. Unfortunately I think the US doesn’t allow these items to be sent my mail?
    Can anyone advise on that?

    1. I think you can send laptops to the US. All I could find in my short search is that the primary concern when sending anything like that via airmail is with Lithium-Ion batteries. There are certain requirements to how to pack them with a laptop, so as long as they are packed properly, it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

      I would recommend that you go to your post office when you arrive in Europe and ask them what the restrictions are and how to properly package it.

      Hope that helps!

  3. May I suggest HSN, QVC, or ShopNBC? They sell laptops and offer flex pays. Easy, and no interest charges. Good Luck

  4. I’ve had days like this. Murphy’s Law is prevalent in my life. Just keep your head up and be on the look out. Something positive will come along when you least expect it. Oh! and the bear looks awesome! Good luck.

  5. Love the Panda and good for you and response to your unfortunate demise of your laptop. Good things come to those who wait! I always tell my children …. no matter how bad things get you always have to look for a positive! love and hugs to you and Mario xxxx

  6. I’m so sorry to hear that! I had my macbook for 4-5 yrs and I’m also kind of worried that it’ll go dead one day.. lol although I do my backup. I’ll ask around if anyone has a spare laptop they don’t use.. I also have some Lionbrand yarns — please let me know if you’d like them sent to you. Cheers!

  7. Call up a local computer place and see if there’s a way to salvage the data from your hard drive. Find out how much it would cost you to bring it in for them to evaluate it. Sometimes it is possible for them to link it up to another computer to get your data off of it, or at least some of it. 🙂

    1. I did give that a shot. Looks the lowest is about $250 to $300. I just don’t have that. I’m OBVIOUSLY going to keep my Mac set aside and get my data back someday, but for now, I’m ok getting a simple and cheap laptop for internet access and writing. I mean, at THIS point, I can’t worry about film editing and such. Just knit, write, sell.

  8. I just adore that panda. I wish I had seen him, and been able to read your story, before I went to a fiber festival yesterday. If he’s still around by the time I have some extra $$ floating around, I can assure you, he will be going home with me. Best of luck to you, Sir!

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