Ok. I have but a second to let everyone know that I’m ok. Without the laptop I wasn’t able to communicate,and then with Tropical Storm Beryl I was stuck on  my little island in my apartment for 4 days. The winds got up to nearly 70mph on Saturday, Sunday they dropped a touch but it wasn’t until yesterday that all the rain and wind finally stopped. I only have a short bit of time on this laptop, but wanted to let everyone know that all is well, I adore sunshine and there is a definite reason I would never live in the Pacific Northwest. After 4 days of rain I was a pile of sad madness. No, I need to be in 80 degrees and sunshine. Thank goodness that storm is OVER. More when I can. I have bears to make!!!

Yee ha!



  1. Yee ha indeed!! You’re not only safe & sound, but your business is exploding through the roof! When it rains, it pours!!!

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