The Shabby Cowgirl

Ok, so I often get so sidetracked with my routine that the lives around me have to remind me ABOUT life, the good things in it, the tremendous wonder in it. And often, I have to be reminded that good people are out there who hold me close to their hearts. I do get so wrapped up in clawing out of the pit (and we’re almost there!) that I forget to thank them.

Now, on occasion I give my shout outs to my friends across the globe, and my deeply close internet mamas. And I had completely forgotten over the last two weeks to give a very appreciative, heartfelt thank you to one VERY important person. Barbara Wiggins, Shabby Cowgirl.

You see, when I started my facebook page, a friendly knock via a mutual friend came knocking on my cyber door. Barbara offered advice and comments and guided me through this strange and unfamiliar terrain called the Web. You know, I’m a creative man, not a technical one, so all of this facebooking and tweeting is often alien to me. Barbara also enlisted her friends, her colleagues, her support team and wooshed in to get me up and started on the road to success. And sadly, busy so being Gregory Patrick, I neglected to say THANK YOU.

So, Dearest Barbara, I cannot thank you enough for all of your help, your kindness and especially your advice. You have been a gracious God send with your supportive help that I could not have had the greatest experience so far working with your friends. And for no other reason than for your generous spirit.

And incidentally, I adore the Southwestern mode of life. I’ve often said, I wouldn’t mind leaning up against a Joshua Tree with a sip of whiskey, a campfire going, and the million gleams of starlight keeping my company for the evening. I can certainly appreciate the lonely life of a cowboy. Her artwork touches upon that. Simple, unique, and distinctly of ranches, horses, turquoise, and cactus.

Barbara’s Etsy page is awesome. Filled with these very impressive and unique Southwestern designs. Be sure to check her out. And if you are an avid reader of this blog, then let her know she’s now in good company. Say hi to her on Facebook!

Again, Barbara, thank you for all of your help. I do consider you now on of my “Internet Mamas.” 🙂




  1. I am in tears…seriously thank you for your words. It was such joy to watch your Facebook page blow up and so frustrating to know you were not able to watch it all unfold. You have your future in your hands my friend and it’s going to be a bright one. Of that I am sure. Thank you for your words and your grace…<3 B

  2. I am so glad you are safe and busy! I often am overwhelmed by demand and then remember what a good thing it is to have too much work. Let me know if you need yarn, I may be slightly yarn addicted…and you are most welcome!

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