I’ll Be Your Bear When You Need Me

The inspiration for this bear came from a television commercial, of all things. Ok, I’m the sort of guy who has had hardship, my fair share of abandonment, and some pretty downright horrid things happen. But! Rarely do I cry over it. However, something as simple as a television commercial will have me bawling like a baby. I guess I just keep stuff inside, keep my nose to the grindstone, and push on, and then when my guard gets let down, SWOOSH, out it all comes in a roaring cry.

There is this commercial on television. Might be for insurance, not quite sure, but the parents are discussing medical treatments for the daughter. Cut to the daughter getting put into an MRI and just before she’s to undergo the treatment, she hands her father this very simple, rugged, been through the mud teddy bear to her father. There is this simple, brief, 2 second shot of this teddy bear that has this face that says, “I”ll be here ready for when you need me!” And the father, delicately hands the teddy bear back to the little girl as she clutches it for dear life at the end of the commercial.

Who wouldn’t start the water works? You’d have to be somehow cruel not to start weeping, even if but for a tiny bit. To begin with, I hate seeing little kids with illnesses. Breaks my heart. The innocent beginnings of our lives are meant for the exploration of real human existence, its not to be a quick lesson in the actuallity of our fleeting existence. Children shouldn’t be reminded just as the dawn begins to break to show all things wonderful and grand, that sunset will be upon them soon…..that darkness has its equal reign.

So, I came up with this bear to be that reminder, that meditative break from truth to anyone lonely or sick, that there will always be love and support just a hug away when you need it.

“The Not So Simple Sandy Bear” has been retired. He’ll be my indiegogo bear for the supporters I had. In his gracious stead will be, this new bear; the one that will be there when you need him.

I just love that face.



  1. I just received the bear I ordered yesterday, and wanted to let you know how much I love him! I gave a shout out to you in my most recent blog post! Thank you for the lovely bear!

  2. When I read the story that goes along with this bear, I had to buy him. Battling breast cancer alone, I feel like that scared little girl, only I never had a daddy to comfort me. I’m looking forward to having that little guy by my side πŸ™‚

      1. I really can’t tell you how poingnant the story of this bear was to me…it touched me deep in my heart and had me crying like that sick little girl. Not only do you have a gift for knitting, but you have a gift for writing, that is obvious! Since I am a critical care nurse, it is unsafe for me to work while on my chemo. That is why I’ve had so much time to crochet for others. It’s the only way I can still feel like I am contributing to society by caring for the sick. Which reminds me… How are your nerve issues doing? Have you tried some restorative yoga? Well, I must get up early for chemo early in the morning…yukk! But as Gloria Gaynor said, “I will survive!”

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