Little Mario

I haven’t been here in a while. As a matter of fact, I’ve been sitting in a chair since Saturday knitting like an automaton, no emotion, no thoughts, sitting and staring at needles in my hand.

On Saturday morning I woke to find Mario wasn’t in bed with me. I went about my stuff, made coffee, used the restroom, and called out to her. Nothing. At some point she made herself known. She had been sitting in a box and lethargically walked out to get something to drink. As she drank, a pool of blood spilled to the floor from her urinary area. She fell over, whimpered.

Naturally, I freaked, called everyone I could, but on this ridiculous island, every vet you call on the weekend prompts you to an emergency vet in either Savannah or Jacksonville. Both cities are an hour and a half away. With no vehicle, I had no choice but to call friends and say, “I think she’s dying….I think she’s passing.”

She crawled back into that box, slept for days. And by Monday, the box was soaked in bloody urine. She was leaking. Throughout the weekend, I sat there in a chair beside the box, knitting my bears, not considering anything else. I think I might have eaten, but I can safely say I didn’t shower, brush my teeth, nor change my clothes. I was at her beckon side should she pass, or if she needed my company. She didn’t eat. Didn’t urinate properly.

I don’t know what I’d do without that little cat. She and I have been through hell and back together. And I was helpless. I couldn’t do anything for her.

Yesterday morning I woke to find her at my face. 5AM and she’s screaming, where’s my food, man? She leapt from the bed, hit the floor at a hundred miles an hour and ran for her box where I heard the most amazing rush of urine ever.

So far, she’s back to normal. I don’t know what happened. Kara suggested a kidney stone, while in my mind (having gone through this before with another cat) that it was renal failure. So far, though. She’s behaving as nothing happened.

But, forgive me for being absent. I just couldn’t leave her.

And I really need a shower.



  1. Sorry to hear about your kitty. If possible you should have her looked at as it could be a UTI or stones, or crystals. Most are fixed with simple meds and/or diet change. I know things are tight for you right now, but if there is a low cost vet, or they are willing to do a line of credit you should check it out. Let us know if you go to the vet, I’m sure if you tell us which one a few of us would be willing to call them and put a few bucks on our bank cards for ya. I know I’m will to. I’m a big softie when it comes to kitties.

  2. I’m so relieved to hear that she recovered. I also have a kitty who has been through hell with me and it would be awful if anything happened to her. I went through that before with another kitty who also went through a lot of stuff with me, and she did not make it. It was devastating. So when I started to read your post, I was expecting the worst. So glad to hear she’s back to her normal “where’s my food, man!” self! But please get her checked out, and let your friends help in any way they can.

  3. Oh my gosh that would have been so scarey for you. My beautiful MIsty cat that I had for 8 years, went off her food last year and we tried everything to get her to eat. I had a vet appointment for her in the afternoon after I had finished work but she went downhill so rapidly I left work and took her early but unfortunately there was nothing the vet could do for her as they think she had stomach cancer and she was to sick to operate on so we had to say goodbye to her. Still breaks my heart when I think of her she was such a lovely girl and she is missed greatly. Take care of Mario and I am so happy she is feeling so much better. Lots of love

  4. Normally I’m a very down to earth person and would probably not even freak if somebody came with his head under his arms … but if my dog would be peeing blood … oh dear … I totally understand that you could not move from her side and am really happy to read that little Mario is doing fine again! It does sound awfully like a kidney stone and as it seems she has passed it the vet can’t do anything much more. If she’s prone to develop stones a change in the diet would be helpful … I’m not big on taking drugs myself or even administer them to my pets but if you want to get her checked out (blood work…x-ray… etc) I’m in to help you out as well.

    Btw I’d checked with the post office to have you send the laptop … it’s complicated … that’s all I’m going to say but I’ll try it again maybe there is a way … I’ll let you know.


  5. I’m so sorry to hear about your kitty! When we first rescued our dog she had the worst heart worms and would cough up blood. I don’t need to tell you how distressing it is. Please let us know if you need help with the vet, we will do what we can.

  6. Oh poor Mario! My cat gets crystals in her bladder if she eats dry cat food, but the first time it happened and before the vet told me I freaked out and thought she was dying. So glad Mario is ok again. Maybe consider making sure she eats only tinned cat meat if you can afford it and try and encourage her to drink plenty as it can be linked to dehydration turning the urine acidic and that’s what crystallises it I think.

    Big love to you both, I will try and help if I can xxxxx

  7. Oh, wow. I was bracing myself for a really sad post. SOOOO glad that your little kitty is well again. I echo the advice of others, tho, please get her checked out. I have recently gained a new job (yay!) so would happily add some money to the other offers of help.

    In the meantime, treasure that wee girl of yours. My Che made it through an accident when he was tiny, and I consider every day with my ‘miracle kitty’ a gift. (Soft ol’ thing that I am!) HUGS – and an ear tickle for little Mario. xxx

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