Mario’s Update

I’m one hundred percent GLEEFUL to let all of you know that Mario seems back to normal. Urine looks right, attitude is great, and she’s back to her chit chatty self. WHEW!

The hardest part of the whole ordeal was resigning myself to truth. Yes, she’s now seven years old. She’s not gonna be with me forever. So, I’ve been blessed with an awesome little cat. I saved her when she was stuck in a chain link fence back in the day, and so, when things got hard for me, she never darted. She knew she was the last thing I clung to when everything else was gone. So, I’m not gonna get all weepy eyed and such. I’m gonna just smile, thank the days I do have her with me, and move on. Thanks for all the words of encouragement and support everyone! Prayers do come in handy.

I have another one of a kind bear! I often like using variegated yarn, because you never know what’s gonna happen. Strange hues meld together randomly to reveal patterns you had not thought possible. This bear was done with Lionbrand’s “Amazing” yarn. I’ve done two more of these in the past, and with this being the third, I can safely say none of the three look the same. And I doubt you could ever recreate any of them. So, here’s my “Amazing” Bear, all wildly knit up with greens yielding to browns, to purple’s, and just when the color got vibrant and vivid, it shocked itself back into a muted brown. Awesome yarn, I think.

So, if you’d like this one of a kind bear, click here. There’s only one. So hurry!





  1. You may have many more days with dear Mario than you expect. I just lost my dear old furry friend at the ripe old age of 23!! Sometimes those little critters can surprise us šŸ™‚

  2. Wow, just now saw the full photo of Rainbow Bear — so cool!! Hope he/she went to a really good home. šŸ™‚

  3. You go, little Mario! Seven isn’t old for cats. I’ve had two cats that lived to sixteen, and I’ve heard of cats living to 21.

    Cute bear! Like his little white socks that match his muzzle!

  4. Hooray for Mario; she’s a survivor, too!! You may think Mario is an old girl, but I have a cat who will be 17 in August (God willing!) and had another who lived to be almost 21. While it’s true cats don’t live as long as people, it’s possible you and she may have many, many more years together to support each other.

  5. Glad to hear Mario is better! and I think this is my favorite bear I LOVE the colors! Once I get in a better financial situation, I would love to buy one like him! xoxo

  6. The bear looks great – that is a fun yarn! Being a sock knitter I’m seriously addicted to variegated yarns…….
    I had a beloved cat named Pepper that saved my life a time or two or fifty during our journey together. She died last month at the ripe old age of 20ish (she was an adult shelter rescue). She chose me at the shelter and we never looked back. I really miss her (tears rolling down my face as I type) but we had a great run. Enjoy Mario, give her a hug from me and Pepper.

  7. Hi Gregory! It’s been a while, but I’m back to stop by and say Hey. I read the post about little Mario and I’m so glad to hear she’s doing better. She might be getting a bit older for a cat, but let’s hope she hangs in there longer!! *sending positive vibes your way*

    Also, OH M G, that bear looks beautiful!! Wow, I’ve never seen Amazing look so great knit in something other than a scarf, garment or afghan. Wonderful job. That silk/cashmere blue bear you made was quite the masterpiece too. Keep knitting!!

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