400 Bears….I think.

It was hot as balls yesterday. Sorry if that came across a little too crass, but there you have it. The AC in my unit died and well, it’ll be about 4 more days before the parts arrive for my landlord to fix it. That’s fine, I can handle it. I’m a southern boy, I can handle humidity and heat. It’s in my genes. But, for some reason yesterday, it was just INSANELY unbearable. I couldn’t WAIT for the sun to finally go down….somewhere around 9pm?

I was doing some knitting mid afternoon and I realized I was getting cranky. My energy is poured into those bears when I knit them. I hand over love, hope, concern, care and passion….but, yesterday nothing but crankiness slipped off my needles? Who the hell would want a CRANKY bear? The heat got to be so much I decided the best thing for me to do was strip down to my underwear and move as little as possible. Let that be a vision for you….and no, I will not knit a bear in my underwear. Something creepy about that.

Anyhow, I sat back and started to think. Hmmm, I’ve knit at the very minimum one bear per day for the last year. Somedays its been two, and when really pressed to get bears out he door, I’ve been known to knit three. So, on average, let’s say I’ve knit at least one bear a day for a year. Dang, that puts me at about the 400 mark. I don’t think its a world’s record, but DANG! 400 bears? That’s an accomplishment, I thought. But, then my little mind started processing the “what ifs” and “should haves.”

I should have numbered each of my bears. I should have made them collectibles. I should have signed and numbered them like pieces of art, because I think that they are.

So, I’m going to start over. I truly am. The next bear to sell in my shop is bear number #1, with a certificate of authenticity, signed by me. I mean, let’s face it. I can’t knit bears forever, as much as I want to. They’ll be limited. And you get a smashing piece of documentation to show the rest of the world and the peeps on Antiques Roadshow that you have a bear Gregory Patrick knit long ago.

So who wants bear number #1?




  1. What a perfect idea — I love it!! Sorry ’bout the intense heat, but sometimes adversity is the best motivator. I think you’ve come up with a winner!!

  2. how about you start with the rainbow “one of a kind” you just had for sale. I was lucky enough to be the one who got him!-..you can just send me the paperwork if the bear has already gone out 😀

  3. I had a epiphany today, whilst fretting about what to do for my adored almost-two-year old niece for her birthday – one of Gregory’s bears!! It doesn’t have to be number one, but I will be buying one today when I get home! I love the numbering idea, go for it! And thanks for not knitting bears in your underwear, that totally made me lol! 🙂

  4. You know, It’s been hotter than hell here and I’ve been extra bitchy lately. I am not above knitting in my underwear! 🙂

  5. ‘Amazing bear’ arrived today- so beautiful! Yes you are right Gregory -in the note that came with the bear- I have bought before (my cc gives my name as Patricia).The first one was for my new nephew. ‘Amazing’ is for my neice’s new baby due in Sept -boy/girl a surprise for all? No matter what ‘Amazing’ will be going to a great home.
    Thanks. Ann

  6. Nice to hear things are going well for you Patrick besides the crazy weather. It has been Hot! Hot! Hot! here in New England as well. I just wanted to chime in on your new idea. I think numbering your bears with a authenticity certificate is a great idea. I can see your bears turning into family heirlooms… being passed on through generations. To know where they came from in years to come would mean alot to some folks. I want to also say I love the thing you said about the Antiques Road Show LOL =) That was funny and so true. Love that show!
    On a final note not sure if your AC is fixed yet but here is an idea for you. Soak your feet in a tub of cold H2O (add ice if you are really brave) while you knit with your pants on of course or when you are just thinking up great ideas like numbering your bears in your underwear. LOL Take Care T =)

  7. When the dolls known as Cabbage Patch Kids came out, there was an official adoption certificate with them, and a mail in Registry, bunch of niceties. I hope your fortune moves along as well as those did.
    A Bear a Day? !! relieve your wrists– take care of your tendons. I’ve had carpal tunnel surgery… no fun. My crochet hook gets set aside quite often.

  8. I stumbled onto your blog via a friend’s post and am intrigued with your passion for knitting and creativity. I must read your book and let me know please the process of ordering a teddy bear. Stay cool…may peace follow your footsteps always.

  9. I have further explored your work and blog and am blown away with amazement and look forward to reading all you have published! Incredible fortitude! So excited about your special bear coming to my home! Peace!

  10. Looking forward to receiving my bear! How long should I expect to wait? I ordered it June 29, 2012. Really excited about having it arrive at my home! My best! Holly

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