The Motor in The Driveway.

Been quiet for a bit, And for good reason. Had a touch of something in my personal, spiritual, emotional, and physical life that needed tending to. And if you were to think long and lovely about it, they’re all quite linked together. If some of you have seen in my thank you notes with the bears I sent, my handwriting was askew, off, totally blocky and without impression. My limbs went weird, my hands got to the point where I they wouldn’t respond to the simple commands I made. Even now while typing,, my flow gets off because I tell my middle finger to hit THAT key, but it won’t.

Nothing to be alarmed over. Its a simple nerve behind my left shoulder blade that has decided to take command of the troops and form a coup, Nothing a little therapy won’t handle. But, of course in the meantime my mind is focused on “what the hell???? MY HANDS AREN”T WORKING!!!” And it was when i started to tri[ over my left leg and notice my left eye suddenly stupid that I sought out some help. I’m good, I’m fine. Its a question of getting it corrected. But, I have to tell you, if I attempted to write this post without edit, you’d see how silly it was. FIngers move dumbly, trips to the bathroom look drunken. I’m fine and will be, thank God. Its just this dumb pinch behind the shoulder that has rendered a few bits of me a little less unattractive than normal.

On other fronts. I’ve tried to make friends in the interim on this island. Foolish of me Everyone introduces themselves as “so and so’s wife.” or “such and such’s son.”

Good grief.

And despite all this I can still knit bears…..

Can’t wait for my first bit of therapy. I really wish I could type as quick and fast as I once could. Because I have a million of undiscovered opinions I’d love to share,

I’m ok. I promise,



  1. So glad to hear you are ok! I work from home and am on the pc all day and often find my hand goes numb…just a reminder to go the the chiro and get adjusted!:)
    Pam G.:):)

  2. that must have given you a fright! Hopefully you will get it fixed and be feeling back to normal soon. Lots of love for you and Mario xxxxx

  3. I just know too well what happens if your body tries to go all oopsy doopsy over you! Such a pinch of nerve between the upper ribcage muscle can even give you horrible toothache … unbelievable but true …
    Acupuncture sounds about right but also resting your arms, no not stop knitting, but resting your arms on a cushion/pillow while knitting for support. I know it looks like granny in her armchair all cushioned up but it helped me a lot. It’s a physiotherapist who actually did cushion me up like that and I tell you I can knit longer, bead for hours without feeling a pinch. Obviously you’ll need to stretch form time to time …

    Be well soon, sending you loving healing vibes!!

    P.S.: I got news too … I’ve encountered the MAN … *happy dance*

  4. Wish I’d had Sandrine’s physiotherapist to teach me that “cushion up” technique a dozen years back, when I contracted such bad tendinitis (from working too long on a colleague’s spare Mac using a less-than-ergonomic setup) that I couldn’t hold the soap in the shower. I was forbidden to use a computer *or* knit for weeks. And the computer was a vital tool in my business (editing), plus I was in the middle of taking a night course that involved–you guessed it–writing computer help files. Sigh.

    I wound up buying pricey voice-recognition software. It allowed me to function at about 1/10th of my ordinary productivity level. Probably just as well, b/c I seem to recall spending the rest of my time either at physio, or in transit back and forth. Being unable to knit just added insult to injury, since it was one of my main forms of relaxation. (Interestingly, I did discover that I could derive almost the same meditative effect by watching out of the corner of my eye as my then-husband knit.)

    Let me emphasize the need to *get up from your chair and stretch* regularly and often. I actually use an egg timer now to remind me to get up and move around for at least 2 minutes after every 20 minutes of sitting or at least 5 minutes after every 25 minutes. (The timing depends on how much focus is required for whatever I’m doing: a short break every 20 minutes is ideal, so I aim for that if I’m, say, reading a novel; but if I’m writing or editing, I need the 25-minute bouts of concentration, and I take a longer break between them. (Essentially, I use the Pomodoro Technique, which was designed to maximize a person’s effectiveness at studying or doing deskwork.)

    If there’s no computer available, I use a simple kitchen timer. If I’m at a coffee shop, I use the timer on my cell phone. If my computer is on, I use

    This approach is good for nerves, muscles, heart, *and* brain. We didn’t evolve to sit all day: see

    May your healing be swift and sure.

  5. When my forearms and hands go all tingly and numb, the chiro tells me it’s my T3 vertebra. A little adjustment and voilร ! All back to normal. I certainly agree with what ricanight said, and I think I’m going to use her eggtimer technique myself. It’s true that our bodies weren’t made to do the same activity over and over for hours on end. Glad to hear that you went and got it looked at.

    On the friends front, I’d say don’t let that initial approach turn you off. Maybe that’s just the local custom. Just be yourself and take them as they are. “Live and Let Live.” (It’s a lesson I’m learning myself. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  6. As I don’t want to give the “granny-cushioned-up” seating advise in the youthful bear post, I’ll give it here:
    There is no “best” way to sit as we should not sit but stand and move around. While knitting or beading this is obviously not very easy ;-).
    I have a two-seater couch, I sit in the one corner and my dog lies in the other. I have one cushion in my lower-back, and one under either side of my arms. As I don’t knit “free”-handed the cushion under my left arm is slightly bigger/thicker for better support (I hold one needle fixed under my arm — that’s the way my granny showed me, I tried to knit differently but I can’t … force of habit).
    The same technique I use for sleeping, my lower back and shoulder pains are gone. It doesn’t mean I’m cured, no my muscles in my lower back and shoulders are still tense and “overused” but the pain is gone… the nerves are strained but don’t give any aching signals … which for me is already a big big gain!!
    Try it out, see how comfortable you feel and maybe it can help you…and you …and you…

    Hug you all

      1. I got arrested alright, yeah …. by a thunderstruck of LOVE.
        As you know I’m back to home base, was walking my dog on very empty stretch of country road and here stops a car … we haven’t seen each other for 20 years … we talked for 10 minutes (a thunderstorm was brewing up), that same evening we sent each other short messages for 4 hours… and they lived happily ever after LOL LOL … well it’s a fairy tale beginning why should it not end like one!!
        I am sooooooo blessed with all that happened to me since I’m back home, I can’t thank the world enough for that!

  7. in 1998, I had surgery on each of my wrists for carpal tunnel syndrome– due to job motions– but my former supervisor accused it of my crochet hobby, and I had to go to Court to get medical bills paid. I did not pick up a hook for a year, heck even running a comb through my hair caused pain for an hour.
    Nowadays, when working with yarn, I put in a cd, set the songs to play about 25 minutes. When the music stops, I force myself off the couch, and go do a chore or something. Movement does a body good.

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