A Very Youthful Bear

You know I have a tendency to rattle on with some lengthy posts. I’ll try not to do that today, but don’t think I could if I wanted to. Typing is still kinda funny. Shaky hands and digits that don’t quite do what they’re told. Oh, well. Like I mentioned in my last post, its no biggie, nothing serious, and nothing a round of a little physical therapy won’t take care of. However, in the future, I’ll have to start rethinking the method in which I knit. I knit in a straight back chair, hunched over, the needles in my lap. Obviously, not the best way to stay for hours and hours. Thank you so much to Sandrine and Rica for the insight and advice.

I finished working up this bear last night with some “Maple Syrup” by Knit Picks. Wool from the Andes. I love it. The first thing that I noticed was that he was a slight bit smaller than my usual bears, but then I noticed something about his face as it came alive. He seemed younger than my other bears for some reason, as though he were a newborn to some degree. I liked the way that made me think of tenderness and innocence, especially after the incident in Colorado. This blog shouldn’t be about that moment, for you can read about the theater massacre on a hundred different blogs. I don’t want to offer more overkill of opinion. That isn’t what this blog is supposed to be about. However, in light of yesterday’s massacre in Aurora, I was glad that I had finished whipping up a bear that brought light and enjoyment to the world, smiles, hopes on a day when darkness seemed to rule.




  1. I love him. I could easily own ALL your bears if I weren’t careful. Hope you’re feeling better — constant pain is a downer of the first degree.

  2. He’s cute. He has that wide-eyed innocent look of babies of all species. You placed his ears differently too.

  3. I love it! Do you find it ironic that the yarn was shipped to you from Colorado? He’s adorable and looks perfect! xoxox

  4. A very beautiful bear!! On another note, I’m wondering if you can direct me to where I may acquire a paperback copy of your book, “Mad Man Knitting”?? I want to give it as a gift to a lady friend who runs a southern style restaurant here in town because I know she’ll love it! Please let me know. All I could find was Lulu and they won’t let me pay with paypal and I’m not comfortable with the fact that they’re not even printed. 😦

  5. I love that we all so happily see him as a boy. 🙂 Glad to read that you are feeling a bit better…how about Mario? Still himself?

      1. Mario is…she’s here with me and not suddenly herself. You can see something different. Loss of weight, her black fur turning red and falling out….she’s with me. NO matter what happens, she’s with me.

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